• mari

    :) #17 #19 and❤ #21

  • Stunned

    Celebrities drink coffee?? My mind is blown.

  • Mika

    what does Starbucks pay for showing their logo😀

  • Lisa

    I understand that this website costs a lot of money to run, and that websites need sponsors to be able to keep running. But at least be honest with us and say that they're a sponsor, rather than trying to slip it in and hope we don't notice.

    And as for #17, I miss Heath Ledger.

  • socalmarti

    #37 YUMMY!!!!

  • student-tastic

    #16 Oh Mr Bale❤

  • Kim

    Now imagine if every one of those celebs used a reusable cup every day….what a wonderful world this would be!

  • Dave

    And so few of them using a reusable mug. How sad and wasteful….

  • dollybakerton

    #36 who are you and would you like to snuggle me for a little minute

    aaand #39❤

    • Keith

      Tom Hardy.

      • dollybakerton

        hahaha dammit!! this happened to me laaaast time!

  • kirinjirafa

    #35 I want that dress.

  • Lily

    #21 *sigh* so adorable! #36 You too Tom Hardy….lets all run away together!

  • Sophie

    only #39 is worthy.. GO TIM HORTONS!!

  • Kitkatk8

    #17 kinda made me sad:-/

  • celkali

    Now, I understand he isn't much to look at (at least, that's the public opinion), but a post about people drinking coffee without Dave Foley is just criminal.

  • celkali

    Also, #39

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  • Shelby

    While going through this whole post, I thought in my head, I'm going to comment about how there is no Tim Hortans. And then you did it, Berry. You impressed me. (Which isn't anything new)

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