• Emmylou

    I LOVE honeybooboo and her family. and y'all better 'spect them y'hear?!

    • Crush

      Go kill yourself…

    • Jen

      i think she is adorable and funny. however, i agree with most people that she is spoiled and their eating/hygiene habits are foul. but that is her mother's fault.

  • Jamie

    They make me not want to be an American. Sickening.

  • Lily

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

    • Irina

      Now you can apply to live on Mars!

  • mrshelderman

    #9 I'm confused is there another way to tell if spaghetti is done?

  • Erin

    #28 Say what you will, but girl's got a point.

    • xoxo

      That's true.

  • Sade

    #27 LOL! #28 That's right! Maybe one day she'll be healthy and happier:)

  • Anna

    Personally I think she is adorable and very pretty. And honestly, her mom is a smart cookie – they may act up a bit for tv but at the end of a year or two those girls will all have more money sitting in trust for them than the average kid!

  • silverfire

    I think I just threw up a little. Its terrible what passes as "entertainment" these days.

    Anyone else rather go watch the grass grow?

  • ThatsGross

    #27 I think you posted the same pic twice. Is something wrong with the site?

  • socalmarti

    Maybe I'm wrong, but when I was growing up I was taught to aspire to be and do better, not to accept and celebrate mediocraty. Reality TV is really doing a number on the collective IQ of American society!

    • Marisa

      Very well put! Why are we glamorizing this type of lifestyle?

      • nattyann

        Exactly. Why are we rewarding this kind of thing? Isn't their lifestyle vicariously accepted in the fact that their daughter wins pageants and prize money? Isn't that enough? Why are people still watching this mind-numbing shit?
        I'm literally baffled by Americans. By anyone in any country who lifts mediocre, talentless people to the height of celebrity therefore justifying what ridiculous human beings they are? Honey Booboo is just the most recent (possibly most disgusting) example. The Kardashians are no different…WTF is happening, America?

        • ChivetteSally

          Thank You, them too!!

    • kait


  • Crush

    And this is why other countries hate us.

  • WTF Berry!

    Wow, I cannot believe theberry dedicated a post to those inbred, wastes of human skin.

  • jazzberry

    Well I have to wonder, given that this is "Television" how much of this is staged. Shame on anyone who takes it too seriously. Have a laugh and carry on:)

  • xoxo

    #3 that poor chicken!

  • randijane

    #7 is now the background on my work computer. Now when I'm super stressed I can just minimize my windows and laugh and laugh and laugh:)

  • Elerson

    Mama' June and Sugar-Bear are laughing all the way to the bank! AND If I had three thumbs like baby Katelyn I'd eat more cheese balls too!

  • karen

    I think she is adorable. If she was a skinny little brat from new york or california no one would have anything bad to say about her.

  • Chivette

    #28 is the kind of mentality ALL little girls should grow up having. I can't stand the show, but the kid has more confidence than I do. Mom is doing something right.

  • katie

    Everyone is saying awful things… it doesn't matter if you like them, this little girl and her family are human beings and calling them disgusting or a waste of skin is pretty horrendous.

    • Tomb_Raider

      Agreed. People are so terrible.

  • kait

    Yea I don't understand the obsession with them…….

  • MissVega84

    man I loved the South Park episode on this

  • Kase

    This is disgusting. Honestly, theBerry, I'm disappointed in you.

  • Danielle

    I agree with Katie,.. You guys are harsh, we're all human. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!!

  • Anastasia

    So many concerns. Legitimate concerns, not just being mean. Child exploitation, child endangerment (you know pedophiles LOVE child beauty pageants), general health of the entire family just to name a few.

  • james

    sure they have some character flaws no one is going to deny that, but i saw one of their episodes and they're actually kind people, you'd think they'll be stuck up but no they're not.

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