Afternoon eye candy: Find him! (26 photos)


Your 'find him!' requests do not go unnoticed my friends. This post is one hot compilation of those pics. We need your help! If you know who these hotties are, sound off in the comments!
BERRY love,

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  • alexis

    oh yes i want to find him #7 #25 #15 #1 #24

  • annon

    I think I know who number 9 is… omg

    • 413chivette

      Please do tell! And get us moar of him!

      • annon

        first name is Aaron, I did not get his last name….and hes a drill sergeant

  • kateann_11

    #18 is absolutely yummy and I am pretty sure #16 is Phil of the Future

  • Jenn

    #12 is disturbing. That's a ram's severed head in his backpack. Take it down pls.

  • cloey

    #8 ur absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm hoping there's some hot tats under those clothes .. if so, please let us see….

  • cloey

    Lol… #1 is the type that will never let us touch!! Freakin TEASE.

  • MzB

    #25! Yes please!

  • mim

    #16 is ricky ullman, I remember him from that's so raven and phil of the future on the disney channel :)

  • gamerchick26

    #13 is good looking…I like your style..Don't be shy to respond back to my post.. :)

  • Samantha R

    Omg I'm in love!

  • None

    #16 Raviv Ullman

  • Britt

    mmm such a hottie #18 … find him!!!

  • Paloma

    #18 More please!!!! Awesome smile!!! totally got goosebumps..yummy!

  • Rosa

    #15, #26…

    Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. Please? Oh my lordy those abs, those bodies, those necks.

  • Rochelle S.

    Oh my god… Is number 15 Jason Wade?! When he was younger, around 2002-2004 before he cut and beached his hair? His head is turned but I think it may be him.. I love JW. Hah, xP

  • Niki

    I'm going to need some MOAR of #9.!!

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