• Savannah

    #25 awesome job!

    • tiborpickens

      berry worthy

    • Leigh

      I agree Amazing job and keep up the good work you two! and Def Berry Worthy!

  • Amy

    #4 Nervours??? Bad spellers —–> workout!

  • nicki

    #15 and #25—keep going!! you are motivating me!

  • LGG

    #19 love it

  • kelliefagan

    #15 and #25 you both look incredible!!! Wahoo!!

  • Bobby



    This fails to take into account body type. Some "small boned" people can fall within that range and still be unhealthy and some larger people can be out of that range and be healthy.

    "Health is not a number!" How's that for motivation.

    • Bit312

      Thank you Bobby. I weigh less than the whole chart represents at 5'0''. And I'm not unhealthy, I'm not even overly skinny. I'm just built that way.

    • guest

      Relax….this chart could give people a general idea for those starting out to a healthier lifestyle. KCCO

    • emm

      I don't know.. This chart seems like it's a pretty big range taking body types into account. I'm 5'8" and somewhat fit weighing around 140, I could easily go 10 pounds either way and still be healthy depending on how much muscle I have

    • ChrisDG74

      Are these ranges female-only? Or both?
      Cuz, I'm male and at the higher end of the "healthy" range for my height(5-11.5, 170). Granted, I was 225 at one point.
      I ask because there is no way in hell I can imagine myself in the upper 130s. I'd be skeletal.

    • tiborpickens

      This is just a numerical representation of BMI. Not a good indicator of health or especially fitness. Health is NOT a number

    • Sara

      I recognize that the point of including this was not to publish a hard-and-fast rule that all women and body types should live. However, this one didn't make me feel motivated at all. It made me feel bad about myself.

    • bonnie

      Berry, if health isn't a number and that is what you ladies post on here, then why are you posting numbers? I get that it is just a general scale, but most of us know that the bmi chart is bs. keep up the good work by posting great meal ideas and workout ideas, but let's leave the numbers mmmmm kay?

    • carlie

      Has anyone noticed that the 5'2 weight range is higher than the 5'3 weight range? Is that right?

  • linziskool

    #15 Here's some love from Louisiana! You rock! Hopefully I can have a before/after pic as awesome as yours!:)

  • Eisencrest

    #25 – He looks great so far, keep going!! And better with longer hair, imo. c:

  • Jill

    I've weighed more than my range (5'9") and felt awful, slow and unhealthy, but I also can't imagine I'll ever weigh only 130 in a healthy way. I'm sure there are healthy and unhealthy exceptions to every range but it seems pretty fair and wide to me. I personally hate scales as a measurement and haven't stepped on one in years (and been much happier for it) but when I had the freshman 15 the numbers were a good jolt and reality check.

    • areby

      I agree, Im 5' 9.5" and I used to weigh 135 through extreme diet and exercise. I have a large frame for a girl, so I looked super unhealthy, to the point that my family gave me the ultimatum of gaining weight or going for treatment for an eating disorder. I'm currently hitting that top number (170 lbs) and though I would like to lose 10 lbs sometimes because I just feel like I weigh so much, I have to remember that the number really doesn't matter. I workout, eat relatively healthy and feel much better at this weight.

  • Guest

    #21 going by bmi this is more than wrong

  • Jackie

    #15 RAGIN CAJUNS!!!!! You go girl!❤ Fellow cajun girl!

  • LisaSch

    I just ordered a pizza. should have checked theBerry before.😦

    • kate

      everything is fine in moderation. so have a slice and save the rest! no one meal can ruin anything. i had a buffalo chicken sub yesterday for lunch…still lost 2 pounds last week! you're only human:)

  • Ashley

    #15 Congrats girl! You look great! I'm working on losing thirty myself! great motivation! Much love from a fellow Louisianan😉

  • Meg

    #16 haha I love her

  • NO no no

    Hmm.. #7 Going with wrong here.

  • Heather O

    #25 Yup that's my man right there! Not only did he make on here, but he closed it out! SO proud of him, he motivates me to keep reaching towards my goals!

  • Kai

    Where can you find #19? The singlet?

  • http://soapopolous.tumblr.com/ Sophia

    Love #8's pants

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