• Cortez

    # 20 – I'd still eat it

  • Ashley

    #16 Seriously one of my all-time favorite moments of the series!! I love Dwight and Jim's relationship!

  • xoxo

    #20 You'll rip your teeth out biting into this #31 it's raining men!

  • Leigh

    #35 Love this photo!
    #36 Best wishes to you always and I hope the remainder of your treatments go better than expected. Here's to 2013 bringing you a clean bill of health- and on another note I couldn't agree with you more. The Berry is an amazing community and no matter what I always leave this site in a better mood than I started with!

  • Anonnymouse

    #36 Best wishes and many thoughts going your way!❤

  • Abbey

    #4 His face in this pic reminds me of Grumpy cat haha

  • Dot

    #39 dat ass

  • Amy

    #35 Aww! Can anyone find the story behind this?

  • B-KCCO

    #36 Keep fighting girl! Much love coming your way!

  • Anna

    #23 is so adorable!

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    • Dexter

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