• Leigh

    #13 Guess I better where pink!

    #20 – may just have to print this!

    • justme

      wear, not where

  • http://mrshadyznuuz.wordpress.com mrshadyznuuz

    Reblogged this on THe fUn sTUff:) and commented:

  • Meghan

    Just noticed– I'm wearing pink today:)

  • emm

    #17 I may, or may not say that to friends when they are too busy or tired to hang out…. Hint: I do.

  • Elle

    "I want my pink shirt back!" needs to be included.

  • Abbey

    I❤ this movie ! Not only is it hilarious but it's pretty on point with how girls act toward each other.

  • Amanda

    Berry, you made my crappy day a lot better with this post! Thank you!!!

  • Ari214

    I love this movie!! "And none for Gretchen Weiners!" Hahahaha

  • Anastasia

    Lindsay Lohan used to be so pretty when she looked healthy! I miss her looking like this.

  • Ronn!e

    Great movie!!! #13 fave line!!!

  • Candy

    Glenn Coco? FOUR FOR YOU GLENN COCO! You go, Glenn Coco.

    • Sarah

      I was just about to say this exact thing. I see my services are not needed here. Well done!

  • Keira

    This is why I LOVE being a berry l! "I can't stop the car Janis I have a curfew!"

  • sarlm

    anyone know if this is real/where it's from?

  • wyeldconverse

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  • Tomb_Raider

    You can't sit with us!

    Best line ever.

  • katastrophe89

    I LOVE this movie. I could quote it all day. I want #23 lol

  • Katie

    They need "If you're from Africa why are you white?"

  • Lauren

    HAHA I use #27 all the time!!!

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