• karen

    These are what I call real men! #6 wow

  • doerteee

    Yeaahhh I think I'm gonna have to start getting into Rugby. This was really awesome.

  • nicki

    SO freaking excited to see a RUGBY post!! Awesome work ladies!!! and it's soooo very nice on the eyes…now if you only had one of them pulling a zulu….

  • Becky

    Where are Dan carter, richie McCaw, Frans steyb, morne steyn, victor matfield etc ?! Eg the real rugby players?! Not this model crap

  • katy


  • Hazel

    #25 Now THIS is what I'm talking about! My husband is a sexy rugby player too! I love me some thick, muscular men!

    • LAP145

      seriously this one is one of the hotter guys in the post. Perfect, thick body!!

  • April C

    BAM! Pregnant.

  • Anon


  • Becca

    THIS is the best post I've seen to date. THANK YOU BERRY!

  • tiborpickens

    *s l o w c l a p *

  • Rae

    #7 #17 hellllllllo! 😍 MOAR please! Hott damn

    • ange

      love nicky❤

  • xoxo

    I love thick manly men! #20 was my fav although there were several I'd love to pass my number to.

  • lalalena

    Rugby is my new favorite sport!

  • Rebecca

    Yes, I'll take them all.

  • Sassyj2017

    Omg!!! All of them! Especially #8

  • LAP145

    This post just immediately made me a rugby fan…..gahhhh danngggggg!!!

  • Sonia

    I love this because my boyfriend and I play rugby. Rugby guys who play it professionally actually tend to be quite ugly because they get so beat up, but there are certainly cute guys who play rugby. I'll try to get my boyfriend on the berry.

  • Caroline

    Thanks for posting pics of real men ….. chunky hunky and definitely dirty x x x

  • Sarah

    #23 Yay Tommy Bowe!

  • nina520

    yes.. to all of that!

  • WallyBets

    Love. Love. Love rugby. Well, the game a bit, the players a lot… See, US, you get far more of an eye full without all that wadding and beetle shell stuff your American Football players wear! Sod safety- get sexy!

  • Victoria

    #16 #21
    I have a new favorite sport

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