• darcilyn

    #4 absolutely love l.l. bean!

  • bkibbs

    I thought we were going to get through the whole post without salmon pants, but then #25 happened.

  • mrshelderman

    #25 Alex I feel as if we are playing a fun game of where's waldo but with salmon pants! And I cannot believe how many pictures you have found of them!:)

    • Sarah

      Lol. Mrshelderman, I've come to realize you're always good for a laugh. =)

      • mrshelderman

        Thanks girl. That makes my day!

  • erin

    Love this one, but I would constantly be pulling it down telling him it's too small! #13

  • Chrissy

    #5 is my only yes. but that may be because my bf would look stupid in most of this

    • dkellyb

      Same here on both your statements:) Although he does look mighty handsome in a suit… You know, if he wouldn't be so awkward in it😉

  • JeepLady

    #6 is he on Girls?

    • heatharrgh

      Community. Donald Glover.

    • mrshelderman

      He's on girls as well.

    • Guest

      You are thinking of Chuma Hunter Gault.

  • heatharrgh

    #19 can just be my boyfriend. I'd let him wear whatever he wants.

  • missy

    I am so confused by #1 and #11

    • Ash

      "Things I wish my dad would stop wearing."

  • bryan

    #1 Seriously?!!! seems a bit frat guy/douche-y

    • DRD

      Wait – you're saying that ONE is "frat guy / douche-y"? The majority of these pics are frat guy / douche-y.

  • kccoMN

    I'll take #19, without the stupid scarf and hat

  • B. Davs

    #1 #15 Seriously Berry?! This post is not called "Things My Boyfriend Could Possibly Wear if He Had No Sense of Style" get your shit together.

    • heatharrgh

      Ha! Its "thing my boyfriend does wear and I wish he wouldn't , and that's why I look at this thread."

    • DRD

      You forgot #18 & #24

  • Ash

    My dude wouldn't be seen dead in any of these things. I'd worry about him if I ever caught him in skinny jeans.

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #24 He wears no socks when he goes out. But I bet he wears them when he makes love.

  • selena907

    Cute, my boyfriend wore pants like #18 this weekend:)

    And his sunglasses, daily… Lol are #23… What a trendy dude I'm in love with❤

  • Nicole

    Follow #3 at @itstrogers or visit him on soundcloud.com/t-Rogers

    Not only is he stylish….but super talented! Thanks Berry for the birthday present!

  • Rachael

    Love #13 's clothing. I would also love if he weren't wearing any clothing at all.

  • dbcooper

    You girls sure like the preppy look, can't see it being popular outside the northeast though!

  • Suz

    Every guy at UVA wants to be these people and if I see another bow tie I will scream

  • Thatonechick

    I gotta say this is more like stuff i'm glad my husband doesn't wear, except maybe #23 but just so I can borrow them (okay, steal them).

  • anonymous

    rename please to "things your best gay friend should wear"

  • anonymous

    Im a guy, and I'm trolling to pick up tips…no way in hell would a REAL man be caught in dressing up in most of this looking like Martha's Vineyard spat him out.I'll stick with my Levi's and flannels.

    • DRD

      While bad, these posts have actually gotten a lot better.

      • http://twitter.com/mgaynor22 @mgaynor22

        That's a scary thought…

  • Jess

    #19 … yes please

  • kmhogan82

    #13 I prefer my men to look like men and not pretentious WASP's. This was the closest, minus the whole 3 sizes too small thing going on.

  • Romina

    #1 No regular guy wants to look like a douche.

  • DRD

    #13 & #24 – How about finding some clothes that fit?

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