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  • jillemarsh

    #21 Congrats!! Keep up the good work!! The confidence will come to you soon I hope:) KCCO x

  • Brittany

    So sexy! MOAR please!!:) #21

    • MissVega84

      I stopped on this pic and said wow…super cute and amazing smile! 😀

  • Taz

    #16 Sweet Divine Jesus – Its pretty hypnotic

  • jodiebear94

    You look great!! giving me more motivation!! so get some confidence and you shall be well away! (i made an account just to comment this you motivated me!) KCCO #21

  • Bobby

    Obviously working on her snatch.

    • mrshelderman

      I get it

    • EL Negro

      Ha Ha, nice.
      However, if you look at her hand placement, she's doing some OLY Cleaning.

  • Breezy

    Not sure what's stopping the confidence #21! You have a killer smile and worked your ass off to get down 70 lbs. That's amazing!!

    In closing, a-rawrrr.

  • socalmarti

    #11 I love his juices too!!!

    • Julie Ryan

      I think I'll have this one right now. Super good.

  • katastrophe89

    Wow #10 is impressive!!

    • Jill

      Yeah that would be an instant faceplant for me!

  • pippin

    #21 so cute:)

  • malorla

    21, You're a babe and well done for losing all that weight! I'm a half stone behind you and only approaching my halfway point to target.
    The confidence will take work too- some people are naturally more confident than others. If your weight affected your self-confidence (as mine did and does) it may get better with time. Or it may take some work on your part, but you're obviously not afraid of hard work! Don't let it hold you back. You deserve to be happy and healthy, inside and out😀

  • hill

    #16, Joe Manganiello so dang fine!

  • Eisencrest

    #21 – You are SUPER cute!! Awesome job on the weight loss. c:

  • Katie

    #21 moaaarrrr

  • Sandra

    #21 you made my day…your charismatic smile is amazing,
    spending time with you must be fun….I'd mary you right away.
    Tell me your name?

  • erika

    moar #21!! he's gorgeous!

  • Jenna

    #12 sounds like it's taken direct from a pro-ana site. If you need to braid your hair to keep yourself from binging, you might have an eating disorder.
    I think what irks me the most about these posts is that your presenting food as the enemy and projecting that staying healthy SHOULD be a literal pain in the ass. The kitchen is the greatest challenge! Don't eat rice! (but eat enough that you don't die!). You can motivate people to exercise and eat well without making it sound like a cookie is the devil and without making it sound like all of this is the greatest and most painful (if you're doing it right!) challenge in the world.

    • mrshelderman

      It says MAKE A HEALTHY SALAD! That's not pro-ana. That's pro-health. Binging is never a good thing. Eating a cookie or two is ok. 20 is not.

  • Sandra

    I disagree. In our culture, most people eat because they are bored
    or don't have goals or better things to do than eating. They really do not
    have a healthy relationship to food a all, like its been 20 years ago, they just don't
    have the needed appreciation how easy it is provided, its a problem of prosperity.
    So I think its an absolutely good idea to find ways to get back to a healthy and aware
    handling of a regular way of eating, and to find a way to prevent yourself of just eating
    because you are bored or trying to feel better or stuff like that. It is definitely more healthy
    to keep yourself occupied with sports or thinks like braiding your hair or read o book or whatever
    than eat cookies. If you want to eat a cookie, eat a cookie. We all do, and we all love it. But we shouldn't
    do it all the time, an there are many people who do. So if you feel like, braid your hair, it is better
    for your body than eating all the time. This has nothing to do with ana, it is just a way to look differently
    on yourself and your life. I think all the great berry girls know the difference very well

  • Savannah

    #21 you're hawt! moar plz!

  • http://twitter.com/FollowTraveler @FollowTraveler

    Just got done taking my dog for a run in the rain:) I really like #17 here, I find that I have almost no interest in junk food once i think about how much extra work I create for myself by eating it, or when I think about all the hard work that I'll be undoing.

  • kate

    #21 nice tat!

  • Julia

    #21 – You're so cute! Confidence you learn through practice – I tell my nursing students to 'fake it' – they say it helps them to pretend they are a confident person and eventually they just are!

    #25 – definitely:) Yum:)

  • pea123

    #21 MOAR! So cute!:)

  • Leash

    I'm from MI too! Thanks for #25 I want to do a warrior dash this year and this is great motivation.
    #21 MOAR

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