• http://twitter.com/FollowTraveler @FollowTraveler

    #5 YES! #8 WANT. #23 Legitimate question. If you have the answer – tweet me. Seriously. My life could depend on it.

  • http://twitter.com/TexasChivette @TexasChivette

    Oh wow! Best for last:) #60

  • leahhbee6

    #41 seriously just made me finish my bus 302 paper, thanks berry!😀

  • inkstained

    #22 what did those noodles ever do wrong?!?!

  • Hazel

    #27 Ha! My husband and I had a disagreement this morning – pretty sure this was me waving him off to work (PS – as we have not made up yet, no worries by the end of the day the love will be restored!)

  • Lorna

    #13 – I had NO idea this guy was white. 0_o

  • CassieWyrick

    #9 and #29 are precious!!!

  • scooter

    #44 Is the best! I almost spit my lunch all over my computer!

  • Jen

    Where is #7?

  • Sammy

    #60 I would DESTROY him!!! Holy Jesus!

  • Julie

    GO Kim and all the best

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