Whoa there, cowgirl… (26 photos)

Click HERE for some sporty fashion inspiration!

  • A girl from Texas

    Nope….not cute at all. I think these are more of a grunge/hippie type look than cowgirl. #9 is adorable though.

    • Another Texas Girl

      I completely agree. I would never wear any of this.

  • Angie

    None of this is considered cowgirl in TX

    • Kristen

      Right!!! This is ridiculous!

    • Emily

      Or anywhere…

  • socalmarti

    #5 Absolutely NOT!!!

  • Kait

    #3 If Wichita is southern then consider me Miles Davis.

  • Kase

    #9 source please!

  • http://twitter.com/FollowTraveler @FollowTraveler

    #9 is cute but someone needs to give that girl a sandwich

  • bubbles

    hipster does not=cowgirl

    no one in the South wears this shit

  • Anna

    Yeah… this is not cowgirl. Not real cowgirl anyway, maybe some misinterpreted yankee version of what they think we wear in Texas, but no. No, we don't suck.

  • Sarah

    #5 – When is THIS ever necessary??

  • Ari214

    The post is called "Cowgirl Chic" so maybe it's more like Cowgirl inspired looks for the city/hipster girls?

  • Jessie

    nothin country about ANY of these…… hipsters are invading all trends!

  • http://lauramcclure.wordpress.com Laura McClure

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