• bkibbs

    I see no problem with #12

    • Ginger

      There is an extra one with no room one the pan! Easy fix, eat the extra one raw!

    • Kristen

      Tastes better raw

    • bettycocker

      For one you can't put that many cookies on 1 cookie sheet. They will turn into one giant cookie blob that you will have to cut into ugly fucked up squares…

  • punkie panda

    #6 why is there a camra in the bathroom??????

    • inkstained

      I'm guessing that the shot was taken by the adult who was accompanying him.

  • Chivette

    Hate that!

    • noproblem

      Just get a straw! I see no problem.

      • jess


      • dkellyb

        You are my new hero:)

      • Sarah

        I like the way you think, although that would have to be a really skinny straw… haha, maybe like a coffee stirrer. The real solution? Push the cork in with a knife, drink from the bottle since the cork inside ruins any chance at a good, classy pour anyway.

  • inkstained

    #8 That escalated quickly.

  • Jess


    Everything Megan does is stolen from Pleated Jeans. It's really becoming pathetic.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #20 haha love that movie!

  • April C

    #8 First world problems

  • Margret Clarke

    Hope the Blue Jackets won the fight, because we likely lost the game.. **wah wah waaaahhh…**

  • Sarah

    #2 – While this seems like a fun situation telling these seemingly similar objects apart at the end of the melee, everyone stay calm. Once the fight is over, everyone will find their own gloves (amazingly, they're NOT all the same! GASP!) and everyone will find their own sticks (again, sometimes they're different!).

  • Bella

    #10 just made me laugh out loud haha

  • Mari

    #18 made me laugh so much

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