• Sunny

    #7 What the WHAT?

    • dkellyb

      Well, this is awkward…. D:

    • Dutch

      Who is first?….Just let me know.

    • Tor

      Glad I wasn't the only one freaked out by that

  • Kelly

    #7 Oh dear…how is that supposed to keep me on track?? Hahaha

    • Jacq

      I'd keep running if fisting was the punishment for stopping!

  • PicklesMcGee

    haha okay I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by #7…. I was like… is there some OTHER meaning to the word I don't know about?!

    • Confused.

      Haha, same here!

      I think this might be from Post Secrets?
      It is the only explanation I can think of :D:D

      • Ari214

        Hahahahahaha. That makes way more sense!!!!

  • Annie

    #7… do you ladies actually know what that means??

  • Daisy

    #7 lmfao!

  • krs10

    i love how everyone was like WTF to #7…i can't wait to hear what it really means…we all obviously have dirty minds!

  • Sade

    Suddenly #7

  • aaa

    pretty sure someone at the berry didnt proofread #7……dont think there is a motivational underlying message with that one

  • socalmarti

    Think I'm gonna put #7 up just to see what results will be!

    • Ari214

      You turn into a porn star?:)

      • socalmarti


  • KarlSomething

    Thank you for #7. I now have a new, awesome backdrop!

  • Sarah

    I'm just going to join in the fun. #7 – Woooow.

    • Dutch

      Do you prefer on our back or in doggy? This might be the best Monday I have had in a looooong while! Keep it up ladies…..if you know what I mean…(wink wink)!

      • Dutch

        Before grammer police get me.


        • Shan


          • Dutch

            lolled….all over myself.

  • Cait

    #7 WOW…just wow haha

  • Ari214

    Seriously stared at #7 for a whole minute while trying to decode the secret motivational message. Then I hurried to the comments to see if everyone was as confused as me!

  • chivette

    #7, WTF Berry?

  • Ashley

    #7 so glad i'm not the only one. I kept reading it and rereading it thinking it must mean something else. Alas, the berry has duped me! lol But really though, FISTED!? lol

  • John80

    Poor Alex,…she's cute, but not too bright. Obviously she saw the word "fit" and didn't give it much thought.

  • buell

    #7 Once is enough….

    • xoxo

      maybe even too much.

    • Niki

      HAHAHA. well played.

  • LouLou

    dammit. I was studying in the library, decided to take a Berry break, and all of a sudden #7 coyly makes me uncontrollably laugh for about two minutes straight. Trying to silently laugh is the worst. I'm pretty sure the guys at the table next to me think I've gone mental

  • ange

    zomg #7

  • Lisa

    #7 is a meme that people are attempting to get going around the internet. You take an innocent looking picture, and write something inappropriate, and often totally unrelated on it. Google meme plus the writing in the picture, and you'll get some information on it.

    • Lou

      well if thats what this is, then mission accomplished!!

  • Anna

    #7 The berry has more sponsors, more ads and even commercials, and more employees than ever before… yet quality continues to decline. I really think its time I break up with my berry obsession!

    • Anti-Anna movemnt

      That's crazy talk.

  • Jen D

    Putting aside the midway giggle backdrop, heavily discussed, I like the idea of motivational desktops! More HD and collages to add to the collection please!

  • Akbaby

    #7 I had to read it twice! Or maybe three times thinking I was reading it wrong! Oh man. Good one. Totally made my night.

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