• Jess

    #8 Dunkaroos and Yodels!

  • randy

    so many things that diabetics can't eat

  • MikeY

    Starburst Fruit Twists!

  • tkk


    Does anyone remember Keebler's Mini Middles or the Party Chips Ahoy with the rainbow sprinkles?? Those were my absolute favorite!

  • Michele

    I miss a lot of the Lunchables (Mega Nachos, Pizza with Treatza, Hamburgers), Kid Cuisine with the taquitios and chees dip, Sprite Remix, Wonderballs, Cheese Shake 'em up Fries from Burger King, Shark Bite gummies, Oreo O's, and Choco Donut Cap'n Crunch

    • Nataly


  • nayala

    #5 loved that show!!

  • MissVega84

    Ghost Busters – Slimer's Ecto-Cooler drinks and those Great White Shark gummies, what were they called?

  • Alex

    Rice Crispy Treat cereal! I'm pretty sure I never actually ate it with milk or even in a bowl for that matter.

  • Nataly

    I miss the 3D doritos and wonderballs! Those were the best!

  • kitcat

    rigth before me and my husband got engaged i told him how i loved crybabys but couldn't find then in Toronto, he ordered for me a whole box full from ny(where he lived)<3 ….funniest part was turns out they make it around the corner from where i had lived in toronto lol

  • Smalls

    I'm sill pissed that trix changed the shape from fruit to colored balls. Who wants to eat goddamn colored balls?!?! I swear the fruit tasted better.

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