• Sarah

    #16 Can't help it….**OUR not are…very sweet note though!!

    • knm

      Amen. And use you're instead of your in half those places.

    • BerryGuy


      That one too! Annnnnd all of the you're and your mistakes. It always helps to read more!

    • mrshelderman

      I was having to physically hold my hand back so I didn't correct this note. It is sweet, but……..

    • Erin

      She obviously didn't fall in love with his grammar…:]

    • MHarv

      If I got that note from my boyfriend, I wouldn't have even processed how cute it was because I would have spent the whole time correcting the grammar.

      • lilly10

        Same here!

        • Ronn!e

          Oh good I'm not the only one! Lol

      • Jacq

        Me too! He'd find it on his bedside table with so much red ink, it'd look like it was bleeding. LOL Poor guy, I'm surprised he can read, let alone write! But, really, t's cute. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade – my huby hasn't left me a poorly written note in years (his are just as bad).

        OTT – when he moved into my place, I swear I tore up six or seven checks in a row because he couldn't spell Jacqueline right on the rent check. I can't remember if the last one was a scribble or if he checked the mailbox

        • jacq


    • danny

      The mistakes:
      You're (about 6 times)
      you make my bed, Lol
      *OUR sex

      If you are old enough to have sex you should be old enough to know the difference between are and our!

      • http://www.omnomnomblog.tumblr.com Caity

        that is such an excellent point, I want to give you a high five

      • Sam

        THANK YOU! I was saying the same thing!! They are totally different words!

    • Sarah

      Also… last night is two words… but this isn't in the note.

  • Lai

    #3 She has 29 bras?!

    • Sonia

      I love that you counted!

      • Lolo

        It says on the pic how many there are:)

    • Lai

      Posted twice. I'm not quite sure why…

      • Amy

        Well because.. who the f has 29 bras?

    • Amy

      exactly what I thought

      • JessieBelle

        I have three (four if you count my old-ass, holey, mow the yard, sports bra) I feel inadequate…

        • MHLMberry

          Agreed! I have at most 6!!! Wtf is this

    • kristin

      Haha, this is my mom! Yes.. She actually has 40 bras! The others were hung in trees! She had a serious bra fetish!!

    • CassieWyrick

      29??? I have 3 and I thought I was fancy😉

  • Lily



  • lace

    #16 now if only he could spell.

    • justme

      he probably wouldn't know which ones to change to "you're" and which ones he has correct. sweet guy though.

    • Nik

      I have to say no matter what the spelling or grammar mistakes, I'd still melt into a puddle if I came home to this. It's awesome. ❤

      • mia


      • Danny

        Wouldn't it be much better if it was spelled correctly and written nicely (not scrawled across the page)? Wouldn't it be nicer if the end result wasn't a clear ploy for sex, but rather a kind gesture with no ulterior motives? Wouldn't it be better if he handed you the note, then once you finished reading it, hugged you close to him?

        We live in a world where we accept less from men, because the average man is an asshole. As a guy that loves doing cute things for his girlfriend, I beg you all to reconsider your applause of this nice, but not amazing gesture. By doing so you are conditioning men to think that less then amazing will make you happy. Don't. Because each of you deserve nothing less then amazing.

        KCCO and Berry on,

        • Chris

          For effs sake dude, he made a spontaneous decision to express his feelings to his darling.

          Spur of the moment, irrational flights of fancy, and making yourself vulnerable to your love, are so special.

          Yes you can have the big stage managed affairs that get posted on Facebook, but these little private demonstrations of pure affection, are the glue, that holds two hearts together.

          The fact someone needs to point this out to you, is actually rather sad.

          • hottimasprime

            I don't understand everyone's problem. My Husband writes 'are' instead of 'our' and everything but who cares. It's a nice little gesture. I don't think I would take kindly to being told that my note wasn't any good because it wasn't written in perfect cursive, geez!

            • Megs

              Thank you!!!

          • Megs

            Thank you!

  • Lkp
  • Peeds

    #19 Hahaha and AWESOME!!!

  • Why?????

    #16 very sweet but driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!! You learn the difference between you're and your in 3rd grade. It's not hard.

    • Lala

      A friend ofI mine is a third grade teacher and doesn't know the difference!!! Don't worry she just got her master's and will be a principal instead!:/

    • inkstained

      Not to mention "our" vs. "are".

  • Eliza Beth

    #16 apparently didn't finish elementary school. What a catch!! Sorry. I know that's mean, but come on! Basic grammar people!

  • Er, No.

    As sweet as that is, the grammar is terrible. I can't even look at it.

    • Michelle

      Ugh I just wanna whip out a red pen and correct everything on there.

    • Haley

      THANK YOU! I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who's going crazy over #16. Oh the torture!!!

  • socalmarti

    #37 LOL! I love it!!!

  • Anonymous

    #16 who cares how he spelled he got laid and thats all that matters

  • Megs

    Yay! His note made it on here. Yes, yes his spelling IS horrible, but his incredibly good looks make up for it muah xox

    • Jackie

      Hard to find a guy that cares THAT much! Congratulations!:)

      • Megs

        I KNOW right!

    • mrshelderman

      But do they? Do they really?

    • Lolo

      I thought the note was super cute AND my boyfriend writes the same way! The are/our thing is the worst!! Lol… Love it!

      • Megs

        It was super cute! Thanks xo

    • JenPen

      His note is way too cute…don't care which way you spell it:) Its the thought that counts. p.s..I would rather be a horrible speller than a dick like some of the people making comments:) Hold on to that boy, he's a sweetheart!

      • Sarah

        The only people being dicks are the ones calling other people dicks.

    • MHLMberry

      Aweh what a sweetie!! Who gives a rats ass if he not top notch speller he sounds amazing

      • Megs

        Thanks Berry much Ladies xox

  • Cecily

    #16… Honey, your boyfriend is an idiot. Don't get in his bed

  • pippin

    #15 "*YOU'RE sexy

  • Cait

    #16 I had to stop reading it because it was driving me crazy! It's the thought that counts though…right? lol

    • Anna

      Intelligence counts for something

  • Sonia

    #36 is delicious! Had it before.

    • Big_James

      CeeCee's Pizza yummy also try the Cheese Burger Pizza also good. Oh and the Hog Fest that is a good one as well…..my diet might be in jeopardy.

  • Ari214

    Awww #8 made me a little sad. Such good intentions… Just like #16.

    • Ryry

      It would fit but to finish it you need another two. It's a four piece puzzle haha

  • it'snotimportant

    #16 I'm so glad I'm not the only one that was driven nuts by this. I would've sat him down & had an English lesson

  • Mel

    #16 I don't care how much a guy loves me, if he's that stupid I ain't stickin around!

  • whitBeezy

    #16 Written by the grown up #39? Cringe!

  • student-tastic

    #38 Pontius!!❤ Oh how I miss Party Boy!

    #16 You're

  • Ashley

    #16 Sweet. One thing no one has pointed out: fallin is not fallen. They're from the South, I just know it! (As am I, btw)

  • Kate

    #3 WHO has that many bras!?

    • dkellyb

      Her momma…😉

  • UKsweetie131


  • Grammar Police

    #16 makes me want to skewer my eyes out with hot swords. Or, as the author would put it:
    "your probably going to need to take some more classes… you're writing is terrible and you're sweetness is making all are eyes hurt."

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