• lemurfart

    #22 i must have these

  • Rikku

    It's sad that we are putting down our own country. I definitely do not view America like most of these pictures. This is why other countries think we are all dumb and fat!

    • beanie

      The sad thing is the majority of america is fat and lazy and lets just put it out there….white trashy. I think its funny but you're right….it is sad.

    • darcilyn

      I wouldn't use the term "putting down," let's say embracing

    • Jacq

      Some is in good humor, playing off the white-trashiness. People like #28 just piss me off – there isn't anything funny about killing yourself with food.

  • https://twitter.com/JBerrrrrr Jena

    #8 Georgia Southern University!!! Hail Southern!!!!!

    • Rachel

      Hail Southern!!!!

  • Tenika

    #28 I'm praying this is fake….but I know it's not…..

  • Jodie

    It's pretty ignorant to say MOST Americans are fat white trash. More like a sexy ass world super power.

    • facepalm

      That was 40 years ago now. You guys have not conclusively won a war on your own since …. when was the last one?

  • Heather

    Do a Canadian one:)

  • ProudCanadian

    I think there is some deeper political symbolism to #27…. Any other Canadians notice what's at the heart of this 'merican flag?

    • canadianchivette

      you mean all the canadian beer caps…haha

  • katastrophe89

    #9 is kinda cute actually lol but the rest of these = *face palm*

  • doerteee

    #24 is great.
    As a German, I love America (as in, the USA). I think it's a country full of ALL SORTS of people, although most that I've met have had something… special about them that I can't really explain. I've only been to Arizona for several months, and Las Vegas, Seattle, Anaheim and an Alaskan Cruise for very short times, so I can't say I've seen it all, really. But I've seen very very obese people, I've seen someone running through a bookstore with a gun and yelling and I've met people who respected white, German, tourist me more than my half-Mexican (US citizen since birth) boyfriend.
    I think the problem is that you guys have a handful of very visible and very loud not-so-great people, in society and politics. Everybody else is just regular and/or awesome people who stay quiet way too often.

    • socalmarti

      It's really sad because when the really awesome people try to make a stand they usually are villified or ostacized for it, that's why nobody bothers.


    I've never met anyone who does this or would do this. #23

    • JessieBelle

      I have, Barf. They are the type of people that stop at every fucking Dairy Queen on the road trip to California…

      • justlilolme

        and go out to eat at only chain restaurants. Why even leave your town?

    • European

      I live in Europe and some American tourists came in to our hotel and first thing they wanted to know was where is the nearest McDonalds or Burger King. I told them that next McDonalds is 250 kilometres away and we don't have any BKs here.
      I've never seen anybody that angry

  • kccoMN

    #28 i feel nauseous now. Barf!

  • Ari214

    Is #28 real? That makes me sad😦

  • Ije

    #9 it's kinda sad that the first thing I thought was that someone must have photoshopped an american flag where a union jack actually should be.

  • gamerchick26

    #30 should visit the great state of Tennessee sometime:)

  • Rest of The World.

    #18 You were late to both of them, and by the way, the rest of the world was there to… not just you.

    A bit like you guys playing with yourself… at "The World Series"….

  • pea123

    #28 I hope is not real… It actually gave me chills :S

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