• http://www.theswimdiva.com Lindsay


    This is such a dick move on my part, but check this out: http://www.wacktrap.com/events/unusual-events/por

    Love my hometown!

  • sydney

    im kind of scared of whales! Especially when some of them jump out of the water!! Freaks me the hell out!! Narwales (the whales with the horn on their heads) are pretty creepy as well!!!

  • nik

    It's incredibly ridiculous but I fear balloons (globophobia) fireworks, etc

  • marie

    Why has no one said Cancer… That shyte scares the hell out of me! Just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies!

  • BVest

    My biggest and worst fear is death. It may seem silly because, eventually, everyone will die. But I just cant grasp the fact that once you're gone, that's it. And most of the time, it just happens and that's it. I'm, excuse me, DEADLY terrified of losing my father, mother, sister, husband and/or my son. God forbid anything happen to any of them because I know I would lose it. I know I seriously need help with this. I have some really bad days where it's all I can think about and it really messes me up.

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