• Akbaby

    #20 CrossFit I amazing! Way to go!
    #23 you look amazing!
    #25 hell yes it is working! Great job!

    • shredlikeasir

      #20 Yeah he grew an epic beard!

  • LGG

    #23 simply wow.

  • huskergirlDC

    #7 crossfit chicks …😀 my kind of thing!!!!

    • Jon

      here's the full video that clip is from. very cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zvqNHDTf8Y

    • betty

      #7 #8
      Where in human development over last thousands of years has a human body performed or needed these kind of movements? Crossfit is big pharma/Physical therapy Wet dream 20 years from now you'll understand what I am saying. the WOD wihout the ligament stress is fine, stick to those.

      • Josh

        #20 Good job just be careful

  • Brian


    Chewing some nails today?

  • Bitchface

    #4. That's still a thousand fucking jumping jacks per day!

    • MissVega84

      lol I said the same thing, I can barely do 100 without dying

      • Timothy

        It sounds like a huge, impossible, daunting number but in reality is quite small.

        Think about it, it takes no more than 2 seconds to do a jumping jack. It would take a little over half an hour continuously to do a 1000 a day. Split in half, morning and night, each set of 500 would take 20 minutes.

        What do you do with 20 minutes in the morning?

        • Nav

          I sleep

    • Just bugs me.

      #4 – it's LOSE, for shit's sake. LOOSE rhymes with goose, noose, and caboose.

      • RMbrandon

        Facebook convinced me there was a new fad in new years resolutions. I have a lot of friends who wanted to loose weight. Not sure what that means exactly. Must have something to do with Taylor Bieber or Justin Swift or some such nonsence.

      • dirtpot

        Just like muscles are TORN in the gym? Sigh.

  • http://facebook.com/guygivens Guy

    #20 Nicely done bud!


  • Robin

    As much as my muscles may want to cry after a workout, they are torn in the gym, not teared #8😉

    • Chester

      Thank you. Berry embarrasses itself when posting things like this. (Bring on the thumbs down.)

      • Sarah

        It's motivational regardless, and theBerry girls don't make these pictures. I think a lot of people forget that.

        • Chester

          Having come to this site at least a couple times a week for the last few months, I get that the Berry doesn't create what we see in their posts. But re-publishing it (and many, many others with such mistakes) the Berry has put its own stamp on this display of grammatical ineptitude, and is thus still culpable.

      • Hungry One

        Also #4 loose should be lose.
        Love the motivation though

        • Dutch

          Watch out spelling police on patrol.

          • Guest

            It does make you think. It is sad that there are so many adults that haven't grasped simple spelling and grammar.

            • Obnoxious


  • Eisencrest

    #20 – Awesome job and you are rocking that beard!!

  • Big_James

    #12 and #23

    Alright I have my motivation for the day.

  • Margaret

    #20 and #25 you both look great!
    Good for both of you!

  • Iowachick

    #8 Muscles are TORN….I'm not sure what teared muscles are-might look cool?:)

  • emm

    #17 Love this.. haha

    • irishfan#5

      And sooooo true. Thank GOD my wife works out I am so lucky!

  • Ari214

    I don't get #2..:/

    • emm

      the second run is in italics. putting emphasis on that its being done more intensely maybe?

      • Ari214

        Maybe. Thanks! I will try to run in italics this evening:)

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #23 One day! ONE DAY!

  • PicklesMcGee

    seriously?! I am the ONLY one who saw #23 and thought how GROSS that looks?!! it looks like a mans upper body with a womens lower body! It's totally disproportionate!

    • Sonia

      This is what is expected of women today. We're supposed to be toned, but we can't have muscular legs. It's unfortunate, but it's true. Honestly, this is what I want to look like. I think she looks beautiful. And I hope others can see her beauty, not judge her harshly.

      • Jen

        i agree. i can appreciate it. i dont want to look THAT jacked though. but good for her!

    • GoinPostal

      It appears she is hanging with a wide grip that is expanding her lats. Arms by her side she would just look like a fit chick.

  • DannoTheManno88
  • http://www.pierrefraser.ca Pierre

    #5 is doing it right!


  • kumquat8

    I don't get #2 at all

    • Banana_man

      I don't get it…

      I get it.

  • yam

    #8 Teared? Eesh.

  • randomperson32

    #13 Do u even lift bro? And do some work on something other than biceps:)

  • zgl

    #8 – Remember: the past tense of "tear" is "torn."

  • Canucks_Rule

    #22 – getting there.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #23 nice!

  • Alex

    #8 Torn*

  • luka_

    #23 absolutely stunning, so fit and beautiful!

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