• speedjive

    #9 Someone needs some anger management. Jeez, it's not a war, no-one died. Chill.

    • Ay Ay Caramba

      Yes, but how can they chill with NO F-ING ICE!? =P

  • bkibbs

    C'mon Emily…first a "Now what" taken straight from Pleated Jeans and now this from PassiveAggressiveNotes.com?

    You're better than this!

    • BerryFan

      C'mon bkibbs… Those of us that don't have the time to look at other websites for grins, giggles and inspirations appreciate when the good ones can make a home here. Otherwise, we would miss out on them entirely.

      Thank you, Emily!

  • Katie

    Staples made my day!

    • socalmarti

      Me too that was hysterical!!!

  • http://www.omnomnomblog.tumblr.com Caity

    #7 people in Baltimore are actually very particular about their parking spaces. During Snowpocalypse of 2010, people saved their parking spaces with chairs and tables and had people standing out in the street guarding the spaces. LET'S GO O'S though

  • huskergirlDC

    No kankles, please.

  • Janie

    #1 is from the street artist Huggie. He/she has a whole bunch of signs he alters and puts back up on his/her website http://www.gorillaUpskirts.com. Don't worry, it is safe for work

  • inkstained

    #5 it takes a special kind of crazy to be willing to pick up cigarette butts off the floor with that kind of dedication.

  • Sonia

    #3 What is it?

    • ray

      in 1917 Duchamp turned a urinal upside down and called it art

  • katastrophe89

    Oh man the person who started the "staples" thing is probably feeling embarrassed lol

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