Rock your superbowl party (22 photos + recipes)

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  • FL_Chivette

    #2 & #7 may be mixed up, and if so, the picture for #7 doesn't match the recipe! just fyi:)

  • emm

    These are great ideas, but I can say with confidence that those individual or small portions wouldn't satisfy my boys! Pizza, wings and chips with dip are always crowd pleaser

  • jennisashark

    I'm making, among other things, pretzels with beer cheese sauce for my men.Go Ravens, go!

  • KTmess

    #1 #15 and a couple others are adorable! That said, dude(ette)s, don't make anything "adorable" for a Superbowl Party. As mentioned above, go with the classics–wings, chips/dip, pizza, burgers, etc. Stuff that feeds a bunch of super hungry people. Guys are not impressed that their food is shaped like the thing they came to watch on TV.

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