• Sade

    #4 #7 Wow.

    • Sade

      I don't understand Nambia :O

  • Elizabeth

    #4 How is the sky orange like that?

  • Sarah

    I want to go to all of these places so I can stand exactly where these photographers stood and take in all of the beauty around me.

  • socalmarti

    #2 The architect and engineer was an absolute genious!

  • Taco

    #8 Gorgeous!

  • Canada Baby!!

    #8 Newfoundland! Not everywhere in Canada is plainly called Canada. We have provinces. Just like you have states, and most of us up here know 'em all by name.

    • Shelby


  • Rob

    #11 I was half expecting to see a house with loads of balloons tied to it's roof sat at the top of this.

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