• socalmarti

    #14 Drew looks amazing!!! #3 Britney❤!!!

  • Lkmol

    Did he change the colour of bowie's eyes? Thought they were different colours?

    • ScottishYankee

      yes he did
      Bowie has a green eye

    • EnnBee

      They are the same colour, he has a permanently dilated pupil which makes it look different

  • punkie panda

    Most of these just scared me

  • Keith

    Who is #12?

    • Kitkatk8

      I think it might be (a very shiny) David Beckham – somehow without the tats? Not sure if its before he got them or just some photoshop work

    • Ian

      Looks like David Beckham

  • Cori

    #9 This feels like a snide insult. Who is #8?

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