• Liz_O

    #16 #17
    Barney is much more cute then anything I picture..

  • Katie

    #8:/ Story of my life..

  • Shelby

    LOL please make more of these.

  • Kait

    Haha #14 is so true. So depressingly true.

  • _Alisha_

    awesome post!!

  • Tay

    Best Gallery EVER!!! So funny!!!!

  • ssoph

    #1 replace skittles with NUTELLA

  • Kay

    Extra funny cause they're so true! Borrowed from http://thechubbylife.tumblr.com/

  • tumblrfanfolife

    can we at least give some credit?

  • Jenny

    I'm so sick of people saying "you stole this post/photos from this website" ,,,"give some credit to that website" …. Like WHO CARES… the internet is a whole melting pot of stolen and shared photos. Just enjoy the post and give thanks to the Berry girls for making you smile.

    • TMack

      What makes me laugh is how many people know where the posts are originally from! I only have so much time in my day…I check the Berry and the Berry only! It's my one stop shop for a chuckle and brief sanity break. Keep on hijacking girls!

      • shakespeare

        oh your so right, its totally fine to steal, plagiarizer, and lie, as long as its on the internet!

        wow, i wish all my college papers were published on the internet, that would make it so much easier, not to come up with my own ideas. at least when you take directly from a site, so much material to make up an entire POST, I think some credit should be due to the people of the original site who take the time to be original. unlike the berry, with this post.

        thanks for taking all the material, but maybe next time, GIVE CREDIT, so people can stop over to those sites and give them props for all theyre hard work, which is more then just a screen shot.

  • grumpytgoose

    oooooh def want more of these! i like:)

  • Mer

    #3 Is why I shower at night. That way, I wake up late and my hair is a giant tangled rats nest because I always manage to fall asleep while it's wet. But at least it's clean!

  • Hello

    All the time #3 #14

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