Their young and innocent days (22 photos)

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  • Jen D

    #6 Oprah was a beautiful teen! Love the earrings too.
    #7 I don't think Anne ages at all.

  • Castiel

    I have never seen #18 with hair! He is so hilarious.

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  • Romina

    What happened to Renee Zellweger #5?

    • Librarychick76

      lol I think she looks like Traci Lords!!

  • aksands

    #9 God, that man got so much better with age.

  • furdurp

    #21 Awe even witht that aweful hair he still so cute

  • Anonymous

    #19 Is the only one I never would have guessed!

  • NDStars

    Half of these celebrities are in their 20s. THEY'RE STILL YOUNG, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

  • Michele

    #20 was shocking to me!

  • Steph

    Owen wilson was super hot!

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