• Megan

    Awesome post! I live near where Taylor Swift is from. I work at a store and some guy and his wife commented out loud on a tabloid that featured Taylor and her newest love. The man said something along the lines of, "Hmm, wonder who she's seeing this time?" I laughed and said, "Who HASN'T she been associated with?!"
    They both gave me a disgusted look and said they were good friends with her parents. Whoops.
    (I wasn't sorry)

  • Duckie1313

    Lol who's in #15 and #16.

    • nayala

      olivia munn

    • Cherie D

      Why is Olivia Munn treating Taylor like that?

      • mrshelderman

        It was a skit on an awards show. Olivia said Taylor wrote we are never getting back together about her.

        • Erin

          And, it was hilarious!

  • Sonia

    #8 SO TRUE!

    • sarah

      yeah you change the station as fast as possible

  • IrishChivette

    whats going in #15 and #16 does anybody know. You could touch the tension with a spoon!

    • IrishChivette

      and by touch I actually mean cut! I have no idea where touch came from! I do apologise😛

    • nayala

      haha olvia munn was joking that the song "we are never getting back together" was written about her, so when taylor won, olivia made it awkward lol pretty funny

  • Emer

    #15 and #16 is exactly how I'd react. Loved this post xx

  • mrshelderman

    Seems to me Taylor is living the dream. How many girls would kill to go on dates with these guys? And also If she was a guy this wouldn't be a problem. Yeah I went there!

    • JenPen

      Damn straight! Haters I tell ya, haters

    • ssoph

      agreed, BUT: avoid to tell people that you are rarely having a boyfriend… she can blame herself for this!

      • mrshelderman

        Well I think it seems to us she has a lot more boyfriends than she does. Her first album was 6 and a half years ago. 3-4 boyfriends a year is not that bad. Think about the amount of boyfriends you had between 16 and 22. I know I had quite a few.

        • ssoph

          3-4 boyfriends a year??? the year has only 12 months… that makes 2 month for every boy + 1 month being a single after a break up. that is not even a real relationsship…

          • mrshelderman

            Ok give her 2 a year and she has 13. 1 a year and she has 6.5. Which is not too many more than we know about. I'm just saying the girl is 22 give her a break. I would rather date 100 guys and find the right one, than date the wrong one forever because it's what society wants me to do. At least she isn't dating a guy that beat the crap out of her. I like her. I think she's great. And taking the time to hate on her is a waste of time.

            • mrshelderman

              Oh that was a fun debate. I enjoyed it. I can't wait to go home and tell my husband about the amount of time I used up today defending Taylor. He's gonna love the story. I just know it.

              • IU Chivette

                Well that escalated quickly…:)

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Actually, some of us do have a problem with anyone who jumps from one person to the next, male or female. I'm probably one of few in this world obsessed with putting yourself first and financial and material gain who still feels that love should come first, but there's a difference between finding real love with someone and jumping from one person to the next, taking no time between them and trying to say you're so in love with everyone of them but having no problem jumping to the next person. Call me old fashioned and hate on me all you want, but I believe in the old days when love was something you fought for, worked hard on, and didn't just through away just so you could hook up with the next thing that came along. *shrugs*

      • mrshelderman

        It's not your job to judge other people's love lives. I found my prince charming my way, you find yours your way.

      • Guest

        Why would you personally have a problem with someone else doing that?? In no way is it affecting you??? Surely I don't agree with it and I choose not to live my life like it, but it doesn't pose a "problem" in my life. You shouldn't let it in yours either.

    • Fera

      The thing is she might be living the dream but she doesn't seem to enjoy it. And it's not about her being a girl, it's about her attitude towards dating, think of a man doing the same -i will date you and obsess about you, plese marry me- people woud react the same as with her.

    • sarah

      well actually we'd say that guy has commitment issues. and it's not just dates, that's one thing.

  • Kait

    #21 #22 those are pretty good. Well done.

  • http://twitter.com/HeyHeyItzRay @HeyHeyItzRay

    I believe that is Olivia Munn…

  • Ari214

    #3 and #4 made me chuckle. I feel bad for her a little bit but she really annoys me. She brings this upon herself by talking about love and relationships ALL the freaking time. Just don't. You're no expert. Date a million guys if you want to, just stop talking about "looking for real love" cause right now that's not what you're doing!

    • mrshelderman

      I see what your saying, but when she gets interviewed she gets bombarded with questions about her love life. I don't think she brings it up herself.

      • Ari214

        Then just refuse to answer them. Make a joke about it.. move on. But noooooooooo… she has to go and say stuff like #12. She keeps digging that hole deeper. She needs a better publicist!:)

    • Sarah

      To be fair, she's asked about it ALL the time. To be fair to the magazines, though, they're asking her about it ALL the time because she talks about it ALL the time. Yeesh, freaking Catch-22s…

    • Nikki P

      She's a girl in her early 20s…i can remember being into dating and guys then too. It's just magnified b/c nobody splashed my crushes across a magazine cover.

  • Rachel

    we wouldn't hate her if she stopped dating every male with a pulse and stopped making songs that are all the same. she's complaining now that all the joking about her love life is actually getting to her but i don't feel bad for her at all. i'll admit i do like a few of her songs, but maybe she should start thinking that she's the problem and not the men she dates. but #15 and #16 just made my day.

    • xoxo

      It kinda sounds like she can't be alone/single.

  • socalmarti

    #12 #21 It's hard to be sypathetic here, if you're female and just want to fuck and chuck that's great more power to you, especially if you're young, rich, and sexy, buuut you have to be a big girl about it. You can't cry when all you do is drop your drawers. You have to do it Samantha style like a grown ass woman!

    • Ari214


    • Ancaster


      Most of them break up with her because she won't sleep with them.

      • thespiral

        …according to Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift's publicist.

  • Mel

    #21 actually makes me sad for her. That's just flat out mean. Then again, she'll get him back by writing a song about him!

    • giiirll

      mean girls reference. and plus you don't know that he actually tweeted that in reply to that person. but its funny as hell.

  • Naner

    Hahahaha #21 i love how he made a Mean Girls reference!!

    • http://alephsoleil.tumblr.com alephsoleil

      sadly, I'm not sure he's old enough to realize it is one..

  • alex

    She is cute but by god she is annoying

  • David Z

    Taylor is like a door knob. Sooner or later, everyone gets a turn.

  • Sabine

    Really though it kinda makes you wonder, right? All these guys and you mean to tell me each break up was worth a song being written about them plus awkwardness? She might be that "kind of person." Nevertheless, I like her music.

  • Dott

    #6…it's called auto tune and teenage girls who don't know what real music is

    • Hamilton

      Wow, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. I am an adult and i have been to her concerts, she is amazing live! I have her live and studio version, and the live is much better. Google it;)

    • Katie

      yeah because teenage girls vote on who gets a grammy

  • *^*

    #9 That THUG kanye picked the little meek woman to take the mic away from so he could spew his RACIST crap about that award and how it should have gone to the black artist that was nominated. I GUARANTEE you he wouldn't have done that to a strong, kick ass woman…someone like PINK!! She would have bitch slapped him right there in front of millions of viewers. Actually, I was disappointed it wasn't PINK, but a punk like him wouldn't have the balls to do that to someone that would stand up to him.

  • MissVega84
  • Welcometo98

    Amazing post. I love it

  • Jess

    Because she makes me want to punch kittens and drop kick infants when I see her face.

  • kccoMN

    #15 and #16 made me laugh pretty hard! Awkward!

  • Alex

    Im not sure, i used to sort of like her music, but after i read she cheated on her bf with her bf's cousin, she became just another country singer to me, I really wish some of these musicians would understand that people look up to them, like my daughter, sometimes its just disappointing; she was the embodiment of a lady and she just goes and pulls a kristen stewart on us…

  • duh

    Not a person who has commented, including me, will ever enjoy the benefits which her success gives her..

  • Jen

    She needs help,plain & simple! Can't freakin stand her!!

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