• Lisa

    I would hit that in every way imaginable. Also the un-imaginable ways too.

  • rocklesson86

    For some reason I find him hot.

  • JessieBelle

    Meh. Sadly he's not doing it for me. Love the songs, love the music, love his stance on equality…love the freckles across the nose, then that's about it.😦 I think it's his hair/stache combo that's unappealing…

  • student-tastic

    I don't have a clue who this dude is… I wouldn't say he's hot either but that's my personal opinion. Stop hating on folk who don't find him attractive.

  • Sheryl

    I. Love. Him.

  • http://alephsoleil.tumblr.com alephsoleil

    #23 we love you too

    Berry– you should do an AEC with Ryan Lewis (Macklemore's creative other half). homeboy is HOT!

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