I love the outfit in #19!

  • Dawn Knaebel

    #11 and #17- Way to go!!! I'm on the same path and DM keeps me going. Now to get over this cold!!!!

    • Brittany McManus


  • Emily

    #17 good for you!! So phenomenal!!

    • Jill

      That's so great. I would cry if I made it through Tough Mudder too!

      • Brittany McManus

        Thanks Jill! It was amazing! you should do it! YOU CAN DO IT!

    • Brittany McManus

      thank you Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jag

    Where can I get the pants !? #19

  • http://facebook.com/guygivens Guy

    #17 A. You just made my day! Props on thw weight loss! B. You just made me feel guilty for skipping cardio after lifting this morning so I will be back at the gym later. Thanks!:)
    #11 So Awesome! Do it for the "Wow you look great!!!"s !

    • Brittany McManus

      thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much GUY! That means the world to me! Go get your Cardio done!

  • Jenni

    #21 so me! Love it!

  • Tash

    #17 You inspire me to no end. You should be so proud of yourself. Seeing your pictures today is helping me dig deep to go on my own journey.

    • Brittany McManus

      Tash thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means the world to me! you have no idea!

  • Sabrina

    #17 Love It Soo inspiring!

    • Brittany McManus

      SAbrina thank you so much! That means the world to me!

  • Eisencrest

    My favourite part about my weight loss/healthy living adventure so far is my change in perspective and attitude. Where I once would have complained about and dreaded doing things like carrying a ton of heavy crap upstairs at work or taking my doggie out in the rain, now I see those situations as opportunities to get in a little extra workout into my day.

    Daily Motivation was ultimately the final push I needed to get started at the beginning of December last year and I'm still going strong (lost about 16 pounds so far). Thank you Berry and everyone for your awesome support and motivation!!❤

  • JustReading

    I love #1 #4 #12
    These really inspire me to keep going!

  • socalmarti

    #17 Yaaayyyy you did it!!!! Internet five!!!!!!!❤😀

    • Brittany McManus

      internet five!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pea123

    #17 Amazing story! Good for you! I love hearing all of these stories, such inspirations!:)

    • Brittany McManus

      thank you thank you thank you! that means the world to me!

  • nayala

    #17 atta girl!! lookin' great!

  • Justhrowit

    Keep kicking ass…. you're worth it!

  • layla

    #17 is so heart-warming!! congratulations

  • Brittany McManus

    #17, the comments about me have been beyond anything I could have imagined! This is why I love the Berry so much…Its like a group of just genuinely awesome people that keep each other motivated and inspired!

    • Sonia

      I'm so inspired by your story! The crying is the best part. I never get the denial from my friends or family that I can't do it, but there's always that voice inside my head that says I can't do it, and when you prove it wrong is always the best feeling in the world. I hope I can end up with a story like yours. I signed up for a 5 mile Spartan race in July, and I can only jog a 12-minute mile right now. When I finish that race, I hope I get that amazing feeling you had.

    • Brock

      You're absolutely right about that. And guess what? You're one of those genuinely awesome people that's motivating and inspiring every single one of us. Thank You SO MUCH for what you've done!

  • Maria

    #17 I just weighed myself this morning and I am at my all time high of 175. You are pure inspiration and a true example that if you push yourself and commit you can get awesome results! Congrats!! so happy for you!

  • http://twitter.com/SavannahMacDo10 @SavannahMacDo10

    #11 good for you! Keep up the awesome work!😀

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