• doerteee

    #2 why would I need make up for the gym?😀 I don't go there to look pretty.

    • Kristen

      glad it's not just me. I almost thought that was a joke.

    • guest

      some people go to the gym after work and also live in hot/humid areas that this tip could be helpful

      • Charl

        I heard a rumour of something called… "makeup-remover" I believe it was. Anyone else heard of this, or was it just the wind whispering to me?
        Or the voices again, whatever.
        (For internet's sake – sense the irony/sarcasm.)

      • Tomb_Raider

        There ARE makeup remover wipes….ya know….

  • kirah

    Yeah berry………………um i love youy guys but this wasn't a good choice. Any one who goes to the Gym with make up on and looking all "glam" isn't there to work out……so im not liking this one….

    • Sarah

      You know what? MAYBE the person who would want to use this has someone they WANT to impress with their looks AND their ability to bench more than him. That's probably it, and the only reason this MIGHT be acceptable.

      • Sarah

        Come on, sarcasm people.

  • Devan

    #2 I already know how to do my make up for the gym:

    1. Wash Face
    2. Moisturizer
    3. Go to the gym

    TA DA!

  • mrshelderman

    I don't care how many tips I get, I can not make my hair look like #3. I guess my hands don't work like that! I don't know, it's silly.

  • Katie

    #2…Why would you wear makeup to the gym? Ick. On top of looking silly, you're gonna sweat and it's gonna get all in your pores and make your skin gross.

  • Samantha

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks makeup for the gym is crazy! That's the one time in the day it's perfectly acceptable to look bad:)

  • B.elle

    LOL #2. Yeah, no… That essentially defeats the purpose of going to the gym and, trust me, people mock you behind your back for it. Now, a decent makeup routine AFTER the gym is a different story!

  • Nope.

    Bronzed for the gym?! You have to be kidding me. At least rename it to makeup for heat and humidity. That at least would be helpful. Yikes is all I can say.

  • socalmarti

    #2 I worked at a gym and trust me the girls that wear make-up there are there for something and it's definently NOT working out!

  • Raya Poppy

    #5 shut up and take my money!

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