• dollybakerton

    #15 Austin.. Mmmm
    #1 love me some luke bryan
    #17 #22 meow

  • AlbertaGirl

    #1 and all this needs is a little Kip Moore

  • Kate S.

    OMG!!!! Best Nightcap ever! More Luke Bryan please!!!!!❤❤❤

  • Laney

    Mmmmmmmm:) #15 is so dreamy! I could look at that picture all day! And #17 …Perfect!

  • jess

    #16 needs to come to texas.!:) I want to see moar in person lol

  • http://twitter.com/hkluv23 @hkluv23

    I just LOOOOOOVE Luke❤ #1 Something about that smile just….*swoon* and #12 I love a southern man with his hat on backwards… and #16…yes please! You see, I'm from a small town in NC. Still here! Where ARE these fine men at???

    • http://twitter.com/hkluv23 @hkluv23

      A small *country, backwoods* town, might I add lol. You just gotta be careful with these country boys. They tend to lie and break hearts:/ I would know, I've dated my fair share.

  • Mandy

    Would have been perfect, but you left out Chris Young. Maybe he should have a post all on his own to make up for it.;)

  • ssoph

    #2 damn!!!!

  • mismore79

    Dustin Lynch is missing too.

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