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  • MJay

    Mmmmmmmm! Loved the night cap tonight thank you Berry!!
    #17 MOAR!

  • drunkon you

    Good God al…mighty…<3 #1….can i just have #16 #17 and #24?

    • drunkon you

      Oops…..meant #22 :-)

  • punkie panda

    #16 omg those eyes

  • Alex

    I gotta be honest, they all kinda look like d-bags to me. Not trying to offend anyone, especially if these kind of guys are your type! They're obviously good looking but I don't know why- I have this feeling that these boys are mostly jerkfaces.

  • Mary Kate

    First, #15 & #17 MOAR and second, why is Hank III not in this post?!

  • lani_berry

    #10: Josh makes me melt. :-) #15 and #22 Tarnation! Who are they?! I reckon I'd like to see more of them! Hahaha, I let my inner Texan type for me. :-P

  • Claudia

    Nice job, Berry! Keep up the good work, Ladies! Best Nightcap!

  • linziskool

    Southern men are the best!!! I speak from true experience :)

  • ATLchivette

    #16 moarrrrrr!!

  • 504

    Luke Bryan megapost??!

  • katy

    #16 and #22 – need a snuggle buddy? ;)

  • shelbyslt

    I would like number #13, #16, #17 or #22 at my doorstep anytime! thank you!!! :)
    or atleast could you send me one that lives in missouri that would be even better haha!

  • Kelsey

    I'll take them all, please.

  • Kelly P

    mmmm #16 Jeremy Sumpter

  • Renee

    Might be the best night cap eevveerrrr MMOOARRRRR please especially of #16 and #22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quertie

    #1 and #19 rep'in my home town, what what!

  • Kristen

    I love living in Texas!!! #16, #17, #22 Yummy

  • @Mel_Fab

    #8 marry me please and thank you.

  • alykay

    #22 Best. Post. Ever.

  • tiborpickens

    #22 one more time

  • dollybakerton

    #15 Austin.. Mmmm
    #1 love me some luke bryan
    #17 #22 meow

  • AlbertaGirl

    #1 and all this needs is a little Kip Moore

  • Kate S.

    OMG!!!! Best Nightcap ever! More Luke Bryan please!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Laney

    Mmmmmmmm :) #15 is so dreamy! I could look at that picture all day! And #17 …Perfect!

  • jess

    #16 needs to come to texas.! :) I want to see moar in person lol

  • @hkluv23

    I just LOOOOOOVE Luke <3 #1 Something about that smile just….*swoon* and #12 I love a southern man with his hat on backwards… and #16…yes please! You see, I'm from a small town in NC. Still here! Where ARE these fine men at???

    • @hkluv23

      A small *country, backwoods* town, might I add lol. You just gotta be careful with these country boys. They tend to lie and break hearts :/ I would know, I've dated my fair share.

  • Mandy

    Would have been perfect, but you left out Chris Young. Maybe he should have a post all on his own to make up for it.;)

  • ssoph

    #2 damn!!!!

  • mismore79

    Dustin Lynch is missing too.

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