• cutecute

    these are just awesome!!!

  • mrshelderman

    Gosh why didn't I build a secret room in my house. It's my greatest regret.

  • socalmarti

    Most of these are really cool but some remind me of #14 Dexter and his blood slides #16 a Law and order SVU episode.

  • Mike Larson

    <img src="http://www.ladyoffice.com/new/images/rnnuy.jpg"/&gt; #2 just gave me a great idea on my next DIY project<img src="http://www.ladyoffice.com/new/images/omg.jpg"/&gt;


    More ideas for where to stash bodies. Thanks Berry!! 😳

  • kym

    good place to hide when the zombies come too!

  • JustReading

    #17 Best idea for university ever!

  • Sally

    Is # 4 actually available?

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