More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (25 photos)

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  • stock194

    #24 want but sold out😦 I wonder if they just don't have them anymore because they were sold out last time they were on The Berry…

    • Katie

      You can find them if you search on Amazon.

    • kgarv

      I put my name on the email list for when they were back in stock. They restock about once a month, but you have to be fairly patient about getting through as the site gets really backed up with so many people wanting them. I got mine for my mom for Christmas and she loves it! It is her Mexico beach cup now haha!

  • Mel

    A wee tip with #12, if you dye your hair blonde the chalk holds to your hair and it does not washout, speaking from experience!! I still have pink in my hair a good 5 weeks later

    • Jewels

      Nooo😦 I just bought the chalks after seeing them in this post. I thought they would look great on my bleached hair. Ill have to return them or only use the neutral colors. Thank you for the tip!

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  • nessipoo

    Am I the only one that thinks #11 looks extremely uncomfortable ….

  • kelly

    I want #19!❤

    • shelley

      where do you get these tea men from i want two of them.

  • Seldi84

    I want #10
    I have #17 and it's awesome

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