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    Yeaaaaah. Pretty much sums it up.
    Keep fighting Julie!! Berry love!
    Speedy recovery and best wishes! He sounds like an amazing man


      Oops!!! Meant #6, but 7 made me laugh ma arse off 😂

  • Blueberry

    Westeros really? At least with the other places I wouldn't have to worry about std's. nail that one shut please

    • Josie.p

      I thought it was a bit 'which one of these things is not like the other' how about gallifrey instead?

    • sixdeadelves

      wonderland, better than acid trip

    • @Couteret

      I'd be more worried about the war and beheadings than the STD's.

      • Josie.p

        Cause you're a guy, you're not there to be used

  • Sara

    #47 ROFL!

  • Guest

    #40! i LOVE Varro❤

  • MrsBuck

    #37 Hogwarts!! I wanna learn magic bitches!! For completely lazy reasons:) Remote too far away? Accio remote! Done.:)

  • Christina:)

    #37 hogwarts.why hogwarts? Because hogwarts is awesome.what happens? Awesome stuff,awesome stuff will happen

  • Steve

    Where can I find #48

    • Svea

      It's from Urban Outfitters (at least I bought mine there:) ) but I've bought mine like 6 months ago…:/

  • Wench

    What is #46 from? Is it a film?

  • mama merce

    Forget about the doors in 37 . I want to open the door to #2 or go to #10. I am so tired of this freezing weather.

  • socalmarti

    #37 Westeros, to help Danerys (Dany) retake the throne and train dragons!

  • student-tastic

    #12 Usually a couple of pints of water does it for me!

  • Smurfy

    #37 Hogwarts bc Hogwarts. Fun stuff will happen bc old Voldy's gone moldy

  • togaen

    #24 yeah, that's more or less it:

  • Hayley

    #37 this is the hardest question of my life. hogwarts, neverland, wonderland, and westeros.

  • Garret

    #54 Look at it this way, if your breaking your tail and no one else is breaking a sweat…you'll most likely be the one getting the most out of it. When I leave the gym I look like I walked home through a hurricane.

  • Jamie

    I have #48 you can get it at urban outfitters, its only 40$

    • Jason

      Damn, not on website.

    • Jason

      Ah they do have it, women's only.

  • Kimber Miller

    #25 gorgeous man! Gorgeous baby girl😀 totally berry worthy

  • Madison

    hogwarts. just hogwarts.

  • cookie

    #37 is sooo hard! but i know i would end up picking wonderland just because the hatter is somewhere in wonderland but if they added the doctor who universe to one of these doors i would so pick that one over any of the others any day:)

  • Eniseg

    #44 Mr. Grey?!

  • who

    #54 LOL – that's so me!

  • Marie

    #37 Hogwarts! I would have a wand and be a great witch!! So many things to do!

  • Lauren

    #40 yes please! he's great!

  • Rachel

    yes! absolutely eye candy material!
    he's also in the new die hard movie:)

  • Suz129

    #37 – Westeros, but I'd get raped. Seriously, everyone gets raped in those books. They're very . . . rapey.

    • Josie.p

      I know right, not exactly a fantasy land I'd be in a hurry to escape to. How about somewhere less misogynistic yeah?

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