• nataliecob

    Does anybody else get sick of these posts? This isn't pinterest.

  • Julie

    I love these posts! I've tried so many of these ideas from the D.I.Y posts and they come out great!

  • Sarah

    Yeah I have to agree with Julie – I love these posts. If you get sick of them, stop clicking into them. Easy fix!

  • http://alephsoleil.tumblr.com alephsoleil

    Yeah I really like them! more DIY, always

  • doerteee

    I love DIY posts😀 They give me stuff to try or at least to put on my pinterest for later😛

  • Locsofluv

    i love them. whatchatalkinboutwillis?

  • Claire

    Don't hate on DIY!!!!! its one of my favourite things about the internet

  • Jen

    LOVE DIY!!! Love.

  • Seldi84

    #1 is amazing

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