• silverfire

    Thanks… now I want donuts.😦

    … Berry needs to follow up these food porn posts with more daily motivations!!!

  • Nelson Pancakes

    I'm a scratch baker and I will tell you, if you went through the process of making this junk you wouldn't eat it…not even once.

    • tee

      Lies, I eat my stuff. Although the more I make the less I eat. But I will always have at least a bit 'cause I worked hard for that deliciousness!:)

    • mrshelderman

      I'm a "scratch baker" as you say. And I eat before during and after baking my deliciousness.

    • Hanaberry

      If you won't eat your own scratch baked goods, you aren't doing it right.

  • pippin

    Meh I don't even go for stuff like donuts or cake or chocolates.
    But chips and pizza…mmm different story!

  • http://twitter.com/SeanHarts @SeanHarts

    Thanks for the Daily Motivation….And now the Daily "I'm gonna eat all those damn donuts" Motivation


      Lol!! At least you didn't immediately run out and grab some!! *hides box of donuts behind back*😶

  • Dana

    Now that was just plain mean lol!!!

  • socalmarti

    #6 Yep, just made the Homer Simpson donut noise…. *drool* !


      Hahahaha!! "Mmmmmmmm…..doooooouughnuuuuts"


        *donuts* derp me


    In grad school I used to chow on Krispy Creme as my go-to cram session snack. *heavy sigh*.

  • Sarah

    this is what happened friday i was going to go to the gym but instead i had a donut…

  • carm

    This AND a wedding cake post? Now I REALLY want some cake for lunch. Thanks!

  • Chelsea

    Love the Berry…..Food and hot men, my day is set!

  • stephany

    I work in a doughnut shop. And it's so hard to resist because we make new flavors all the time! Good thing I have daily motivation to even me out

  • katastrophe89

    Ya know, I almost always skip the food posts because of how hungry they make me. But you tricked me with this one! Curse you Berry!!

  • Amanda

    I've been craving donuts lately too!!

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