• http://putadecloset.tumblr.com Gaby

    #3 I saw this ring in The Fancy a while ago. I'm obsessed with it since then!

  • katastrophe89

    #3 holy bajeezus

  • Jamie

    Berry, wedding week??? Thank you, thank you so much!😀

  • Laura loo

    I want to know what the whole dress looks like in #22 anyone know what it looks like????

  • lemurfart

    im depressed now… lol

  • berry berry good

    Great. A whole week of this.

  • Becky

    I am really liking all of the lace dresses… #16 is gorgeous!

  • Sara

    Rachel Bilson is a brides maid in #25

    • BeachBoard681

      Is it her or just a girl that looks like her? It's ridiculously close if it's not.

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