• Lily

    ew, this looks so wrong not edgy.

  • Sechys Diary

    wow, crazy!

  • fghg

    oh wow. like Christina Aguilera's fake tan or whatever that was

  • Jules

    While it looks kind of cool, I can't help but thinking it also kind of looks like something is dripping down the legs from their..uh…area…

    • moa

      My thoughts exactly..

      • Erin

        Sorry! Accidentally hit the down instead of the up.

  • Claire

    Aliens on their period…. :S

  • JustTrollin

    Looks more like you had an accident than that anything is melting… Not a good look.

  • ChivetteN

    I wonder why they don't make the drip in red?

    • Emmylou

      cos you show whatever you want just MAKE IT BLUE FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!

  • socalmarti

    #3 and #6 Tights no shoes YES!!

  • http://www.foodsnobsquared.com Fifth

    How did this get to be a thing?

  • pippin

    Do these girls realize their menstrual blood is dripping…and that it's a strange color? Maybe they should go to the doctor

  • Katie

    They need to make it drip up from their feet. That would be much less gross.

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  • Emmylou

    are these made with that plasti dip stuff?

  • anditisLiz

    Umm just no. Not cute.

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