Best wishes and KCCO! Berry love ❤

  • FL_Chivette

    #26 I feel like this needs to be tattooed somewhere odd, so people only see it when there are no clothes covering it :p strange? maybe a little lol

  • BeachBoard681

    #27 is going to give me nightmares!

  • ksualum

    #23 – Best wishes to your brother and your family! My dad almost went to Craig, but ended up at Madonna Rehab in Nebraska. Hope his therapy goes well and the visits from the dogs continue to lift his spirits. (P.S. I'm a KSU grad, but nice to see he's representing Kansas at Craig).

  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #23 Keep Rockin', Ryon! And ROCK CHALK!!

  • Eisencrest

    #33 – "sense"……..

    • kate

      Thank you. I used to have a teacher who said people that cuss a lot did so because of a lack of vocabulary. This shirt just proves that. I never take people seriously who use the f word for everything.

      • Jamie

        I disagree.
        I curse because I feel that it validates what I'm feeling/saying more. Like if I step on a Lego I'm going to scream "FUCK!" not ouch.

        • socalmarti

          True story Jamie! This is my favorite word in the English language, I use it every fucking day and beleive me it's not due to my lacking intelligence or vocabulary. It's just a beautiful, flexible word that can really help express and emphazise the power and intesity of whatever you're thinking/feeling at the moment!!!

          • Strunk

            "my lack of intellect"

            • socalmarti

              Thank you for editing my work, thank god this is only the interwebs and not Don Quixote or something!!! LOL!😉

              • Melissa

                I'm the 3rd ranked slam poet in the world with 2 published books, the second coming out this summer. I make my living every day with words. Fuck is a beautiful word, versatile and direct. The use of it by any person does not mean that person has a limited vocabulary, or diminutive intelligence. There is a difference between cursing and cussing, and "cuss words" are only thought of as such by the weight that the culture puts on them. Sorry if your worldview has put such a damper on the words that you "shouldn't" use, but I don't make a habit of limiting myself to words accepted by societal norms. If you don't like that, fuck you!😀

                • ChivetteSally

                  Wow, I guess slam poetry and slam poets are stuff and people my friends and I will definently have to avoid!

                  • Melissa

                    I agree.

        • Jess

          when you curse to validate what you're feeling it ultimately shows your lack of vocabulary…

        • Maggie

          There is a difference between cursing from time to time, and having it take up a considerable percentage of the pool of words you draw from.

          I think the point being made is someone who things that saying it all the time – three times in the same sentence, for instance – shows a lack of imagination. I know that any word used to often loses any impact you want to make with it, whether it be a swear word, or people who say "like" too often.

  • Lindsay

    #18 i used to play there as a kid with my grandparents!!! So cool! Thanks Berry

    • Ksenija

      Where is this place? It's beautiful!!

  • http://alephsoleil.tumblr.com alephsoleil

    #25 EXACTLY.

    • bamboo

      who is this?

      • Anna

        Tom Hiddleston – he was Loki in Thor/Avengers

  • Kait

    That's how I juggle. #8

  • socalmarti

    #38 Yep.

  • Bobby

    Please, Berry, enough Honey Boo Boo already! Seriously. It's not funny or entertaining. It's just plain sad. Enough!

  • Just Saying

    Not to be ungrateful or anything but the berry is really lame these days. I understand that there are only so many awesome pictures that are in existence but the level of wit that these girls displayed six months ago has dissipated. It seems like they are regressing back to the uberlame shechive.com days. . .BTW WTF happened to makeup madness and hump day heels?

    • nessipoo

      … and voting on which mega post Berry viewers wanted to see next … I really miss that

  • Laura W

    #24 I have a picture of myself by this tree!:) It's in Cedar Falls, Iowa:)

    • Cindi

      Its right up the street from where I live! Only storms damaged it and they had to cut a lot of it down. Thanks Berry!!!

  • Taco

    #17 Most excellent. I approve.

  • Tina


    That smile gets me every time

  • Logette

    #25 Can we have another Tom Hiddleston mega post?

  • Torikinns19

    More..please and thank you.:) he's my favorite!

  • Mere

    #23 KCCO and Rock Chalk Ryon! You're awesome!

  • MadMax

    #22. Is the guy in the forefront the photobomb cuz the guy in the background is more appealing, just saying.

    • Pat

      I wish the person submitting the military photo, or the Berry ladies, would edit out military name tags and other identifies. And by "wish" I mean they should do it for security reasons and to reduce the amount of crap the man will get from his peers.

  • Candice

    #27 scared me.. but it's okay #28 was right there to save me!:)

  • danielle

    #35 Im sure theaters would sell a lot more popcorn if it were made like this! Gimme!:)

  • sixdeadelves

    #24 i want one

  • inkstained

    #26 That's me every morning before I've had my coffee.

  • Travis Dylan

    #13 Are they saying that Pepsi has a history of evolving and keeping up with the times, while Coca Cola remains stagnant?

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