• Emily

    #8 ahhhh my babies!

    • Erin

      They're so cute.:)

      • Emily

        Thank you! I think they know that, cause they sure work it!

  • Moe

    #13 FTW

  • Emily

    Happened to mine as well. My gremlins were 26 and now 8 =


      I know. Very creepy!! 😱 My daughter will either be happy to see this or humiliated. I knew my son would freak out, so didn't post a group photo. Lol!


    Ummmmmmm. That's strange. Originally it WAS 18 but now a glitch and my kiddo is #16

  • Katie

    #8 are my nephews! they're the greatest kids in the world!

  • Lyra

    #16 Wait, Dutchy!?


      Who is Dutchy?? Her name is Grace

      • Lyra

        Oh, crap, meant #18 my badπŸ˜‰

        • Lyra

          Oh I see the numbers have been shifting around. So it was 16, and then they changed itπŸ˜‰

          • CASURFRGRL

            Lol! Berry has a ghost 😱

  • MissB

    #13 What a cute couple.

  • Victoria

    #21 Is adorable. Love it!

  • runkelso

    #47 is my life

  • Katie

    #47 was the best! haha!

  • http://theandreaproject.tumblr.com Andrea

    #3 That was a great night followed by a roughhhh morning. I have the best best friend ever!

  • cutecute

    #15 Why Finland? I'm from Finland!!:)

    • Paige_lenox

      He's a Mormon Missionary! He's serving in Pori, Finland right now!:)

      • cutecute

        cool:) I have been in pori for several times, I think it's a nice place:)

  • Heather

    #47 I feel ya!

  • Catherine

    #16- what an absolutely fantastic picture!


      Thanks:). I submitted another of her doing the splits mid-air, but they didn't post. Not sure why 😊

  • Kate

    #14 loving it Honey Badger!

  • Lara

    #3, seriously? Are they in the driver's seat? Might not want to admit the involvement of alcohol in that one.

    • Elsie

      You forgot to mention no seatbelts!!

    • Anon.

      It looks to me life they're in a van… And perhaps they are not yet moving? Jump to conclusions much?

      • Andrea

        Back seat of a van, just got in the car. Calm down with the judgment.

        • Molly

          Click it or ticket. I'm guilty.

  • Grandma

    #7 Coolest ginger ever!

  • kolby182

    #6 one of the coolest women on the planet

  • hazel

    #45 good choice on the name:) Good to see so many berries loving their families

  • Alicia D

    Yaya I’m so happy !! Thanks for Showing me some Berry love

  • MontanaGirl76

    #12 Yaaayyyyyyy! GO GRIZ
    #14 So understand!!!! 12+ hour days, no pee breaks, wolf down some morsel of food hit the floor running!

  • https://www.facebook.com/edie.kennard EdieKennardMO

    #5 That's right! When we walk we walk in the strength of family!!!

  • Bradford

    #6 what a sweet girl . Keep on .

  • Jackie

    #42 Yay! Office Space!πŸ˜‰

  • Laney

    #14 + #47 = my life. Plus fitness, and my German shepherd puppy. He is my everything:)

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