• katastrophe89

    #20 Jesus! The man is a tree trunk!

    • PGG

      There's no way that guy is 190 lbs, unless he's like 5'3''.

    • William Durham

      Well done! I started off at 265 on 02OCT2012. Down to 222 by end of January. 23 pounds to go….

  • Wally

    #18 makes me a liiiiittle uncomfortable

    • MNExpat

      I'm unsure as to why? This is from "That's So Raven!" with Raven Symone (from the Cosby Show) who helped write it and often made fun of her larger size. Her friend Chelsea (Annelisse Van Der Pol, the redhead) always encouraged Raven to eat better and exercise. Eventually, Raven's family worked on becoming healthier (this was a Disney show so wanted to be a better influence on the kids). Raven Symone after the show ended worked very hard to lose her childhood weight and is now quite svelte.
      This show was actually one of the few Disney shows of recent years that had an intelligent cast and didn't make all the female cast members into boy-hungry bimbos. They actually had brains.

      • Wally

        If you have to ask, I'm not sure what to tell you. But I'll try.

        There are many, many people who haven't seen "That's So Raven", so it's naive to presume that people will understand the context of this picture and not see a white girl preaching fitness and exercise to Americans of African descent, among whom rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes are disproportionately high.

        BTW, "I'm not sure as to why" is NOT a question. Use a period.

        • eyeroll

          the fact that you automatically jump to an assumption of racism in a photo says something..,

  • dazzling
  • mazzie

    #4 exactly!!!

    • tiborpickens

      Totes – when I am feeling fit I don't feel the need to apologize for my body!! no matter the # on the scale

      • facepalm

        -1 for using "totes"

  • Katie

    #16 Her legs!!! Goal!

    • RMbrandon

      Christmas Abbott. She is doing it right.

    • dirk

      it looks like she has a boner

  • Rachel

    I did 7 miles today for the first time ever on the spin bike. Thank You Berry for these daily motivation posts! They truly help:)

  • Julia

    #20 – you're awesome – wow!! The new found confidence is obvious, even in a picture – that's hot!

    #25 – Yum!

  • Angie

    #13 super cute!

  • themanager

    am i the only one who sees something funny in #16?

    • Claire

      you dirty head, but yes I know what you are talking about haha

    • VeroNM

      her amazing legs and nice sized wang?

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