• nessipoo

    I actually think #35 got it right …

  • katastrophe89

    #25 awkward…. Lol

    • karen

      I love how her friend falls over laughing!

  • Seldi84

    #23 Illusion shattered.
    #33 Only if that was a slide, that would be epic.

    • xoxo

      A slide would be fun but the seat of your pants would be burned off by the time you got the bottom! LOL.

  • Rusty_rules

    is #23 Rove McManus from RoveLA?

  • Sophie Hummer

    #26- *you're

    • karen


      • Mizz. P

        Why are people disliking this? You are correct…that person is wrong. "You're" does not go anywhere in that photo. Stay in school kids.

        • katie

          If YOU ARE happy and you know it. *you're

          • Mizz. P

            I stand corrected Katie. I was looking at the second your. HA! (digs hole deeper)

    • Jenny

      If "YOU'RE" going to try and correct grammar make sure "YOU'RE" doing it correctly.

      • Sarah

        Sophie Hummer is correct though. I don't understand. It should be "If YOU'RE happy and you know it, clap your hands." and it reads "If YOUR happy and you know it, clap your hands." Unless you were correcting Karen… whatever.

      • ABC

        If *you're* happy and you know it, clap your hands…. they did get it wrong.

  • socalmarti

    #18 This has absolutely made my day!!!!😀


    #17 still me. every night 😱
    #18 awwwwwwwwww!!

  • Bella

    #25 poor girl…

  • scooter

    #6 Tom Hardy!

    • xoxo

      big bald beefcake Tom Hardy, my favorite.

  • Eisencrest

    #2 – Love Judesie's subtle freckles.❤

    • BeachBoard681

      I totally thought that was Jensen Ackles at first. Either way SWOON!

      • doerteee

        I stared at it for way too long trying to figure out who it is (thought Jensen Ackles at first too) and then I decided it doesn't matter because either way that man is extremely attractive.

  • Laura W

    #24 AWESOME:) I miss Germany..someday I will move back and stay forever!:)

    • doerteee

      If you live in the US, we can switch places. You can have my room and all my stuff. Except my teddy bear.

      • Laura W

        Deal!:) and yes I do live in the US… I just moved back last year from living in Germany for three years. And, now, I really don't like living here very much. It's so boring compared to Germany/Europe.

  • Katie

    #18 Absolutely the cutest!!

  • Rachel

    #18 awwwh that elephant looks super happy!!❤

  • Katie

    #18 is precious!

  • Sonia

    How do you get #35 wrong? Did you see the other options?

  • Speak 4 Them

    #11 Please secure your fur-babies just in case of an accident. There are lots of harnesses that attach to the seat belts and crates that can be belted down. Even if they are not injured in the accident they could jump out of the broken window and run away out of fear.

  • Laney

    #27 made my day! I am in love ❤💋

  • Ashley

    #25 LOL I can't stop laughing. It's the teammate in the background that gets me every time!

  • pea123

    #25 actually made me "LOL" it's hilarious! I would have done the exact same thing as the girl in the background! hahah

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