• Seldi84

    #17. It's subtle but a huge bucket of photoshop win

  • katastrophe89

    #17 I didn't see it at first lol

  • Rusty_rules

    Pretty sure these are all legit…… :

  • Ashwee

    #19 LMFAO….Oh..Oh, wooowww…

  • alex

    #19 That overly attached girlfriend.. girl.. is really attractive imo

  • courtneyelise

    #17 when you see it


    #13 literally….painted on boobs

    • Carina

      the boobie fairy never came to her house😦


        HAHAHAHAHAHA! Perhaps, but I think it is due to very low body fat. She had some bewbs in Bend It Like Beckham

    • T Bags

      Absolutely NOTHING needing changing from the original! That girl is beautiful!


        What?! You mean there ARE men out there that don't care about huge boobs or bolt ons?! Next you're gonna say you don't mind no ass instead of a big poppin' booty!! What trickery is this?!

        • T Bags

          No trickery, spells, or wizardry! Boobs don't make a woman beautiful. Not saying that I am not a fan, but it doesn't matter to me if they are big or small. As a matter of fact I actually prefer them on the smaller side, and you would be surprised how many men would agree with me.

          • CASURFRGRL

            Kudos for your honesty! Rather refreshing if I do say so myself. And I do. Say so. Myself 😁👍

            • T Bags

              I just looked at your avatar and realized just how much you look exactly like my wife! You are doppelgangers! Thanks for the kind words.

              • CASURFRGRL

                Do you currently live in NY? Because you may just be my husband. LOL!! Is your wife over 6 feet tall?? If not, then happy coincidence 😉

                • T Bags

                  Nope, we're in Nashville. Not over but damn close to 6 foot.

                  • CASURFRGRL

                    Well it's been said that every person on this earth has at least 2 doppelgängers. Believe it or not, the gene pool isn't as vast as one thinks.

          • Jonesin

            Have to agree with T Bags. I like the smaller natural girls. To me they are beautiful. Take picture #10, to me she is attractive more in the plain picture then the made up one.

            • CASURFRGRL

              Agree. Nice to hear a different perspective from men.

  • socalmarti

    #16 and #17 Cracked me up!

  • Jackie

    #16 Isn't that the way she looks anyway?

  • xoxo

    #4 made me laugh. #5 is really cool. #15 this photoshops always crack me up. #23 I almost spit tea everywhere. Tiny faced kitten cracks me up.

  • Carro

    #16 No!!
    #19 Yes!!😄

  • Sonia

    How is #24 photoshopped? They just lightened the picture a bit and removed the one tiny spot on her forehead.

  • Castiel

    I like the sixth and eighth frame of #4.

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