• Novalee531

    Seeing all these amazing Wedding Ideas…….. I'm gonna die alone.

  • JessA

    Berries, what's your view on weddings in foreign countries. I love the idea, but feel its impolite towards all the friends and family I want to have with me! We can't afford their tickets and you can't force people to pay for tickets!


    • doerteee

      Well I'm in Germany, my boyfriend is in the US, so what we're thinking (or what I'm thinking, since he doesn't enjoy the planning part of these things) is that we will have an engagement/pre-wedding party in Germany for my family and friends and have the actual wedding in the US. Something like that. My grandparents just can't travel that much and spend so many hours on a plane anymore, neither can his, but I want all of them to be there.

    • Alberta

      It is tricky, personally I would not do it. But I did go to one, they gave us 2 years notice. More than enough time to save up for the flight, book off the time and have a gift. Plus they made everything really casual there and were great hosts for the rest of the trip

    • JenPen

      I was just thinking this when I saw the Paris wedding invite:) I have had a few friends that have done destination wedding thing and for one of them I was really bummed that I couldn't make it. IMO..I found it kind of selfish to kind of alienate us poor folks who couldn't afford tickets. Now don't freak out on me, that's just how I felt at the time towards that specific person, everyone situation is different. But all in all, I think having the people you love enjoy that day with you is much more enjoyable than being somewhere exotic. And you can always go to the place you had in mind on your honeymoon and get to relax there:)

    • Smartie

      I know there are many situations, but my main opinion is this:

      It depends what you appreciate more. The location or the guests. That is why I think it is quite selfish to get married so far that every guest has to pay hundreds or even thousands to even get there. I personally put more value for my guests than exotic surroundings.

    • SmilesforMiles

      I know someone who had a destination wedding, but also had a "family reception" back home afterwards. The bride wore her dress again and they just threw a big party for everyone who was unable to attend the destination wedding. I think that this is kind of a best of both worlds approach.

  • SmilesforMiles

    Do you think the calligraphy in #29 is done by hand, or a font? And if it's a font, does anyone know which one!? I love the look of this!

    • Caroline

      its hand done .. look at the 2 K's on the envelope under the top one. They're different yet still beautifully done.

  • Aurora01

    #18 is one of the most popular invitations on http://www.weddingpaperdivas.com. I'm considering it for myself but with purple and green flowers.

  • Ashwee

    Alright…is someone at the berry getting married?? This is seriously the 5th or 6th wedding post in the past 3 days………

    • Melisa

      It's wedding week!

  • http://www.penguinplot.com Cheshire Cat

    #33 terrified me, That's my name and I broke up with a girl named Stephanie that I later found out had been telling friends and family back home that we were pretty much getting married and had it planned out. When I saw that it gave me shivers.

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