I am sure I will be the only Berry to ask this, but why?? I don't get it. They've both moved on and married others (or about to marry). What am I missing?

    • Chrissy

      no, I had the same question. Still looked because I loved that show


        I did as well. She used to crack me up on that show

    • mrshelderman

      Because they were super cute and funny together. I love it!


        True. Ok ok. I recant my original statement.

  • mrshelderman

    Her body is insane in some of these! Don't get me wrong I like curvy Jessica too, but damn!


      Did you see the movie "Dukes of Hazzard"? She was so strict with her diet and exercise plan she admittedly passed out several times

      • Hollywood22

        Wow, sounds totally committed! Way to go Jessica! *eyeroll*

  • Crush

    Nick is the man. Them breaking up was the best thing to happen to him….IMO. Got hot ass Jessica in her prime, then got divorced right as she started to go down hill…..dat a boy!

    PS-I know Jessica was the reason for the divorce, but in the long run and seeing how she turned out, it worked out better for him…..his new wife is hotter then Jessica is now.

    • Hollywood22

      I completely agree! I like how you got downvoted for expressing your opinion. Guess that's frowned upon by Berries.

      Listen, she is dumber than a box of rocks. Always has been. She let her daddy control her, he got between her and Nick and it ended in divorce. She has been a lost puppy dog ever since, while Nick, who has always had a good head on his shoulders, continued to propser. Karma is a bitch, sorry Jessica.

      • Yancy

        yep. Jessica was such girlfriend material for a him.Being hot and ditzy can only be attractive for so long

      • Akbaby

        You sir are a shallow man. Let me guess. You wax your eyebrow you pansy.

    • Anon

      Absolutely agree. He is way better off now!

    • WowUrLame

      You can't be talking about the girl who has a net worth 100 million dollars and runs her own fashion and beauty empire. I think Jessica has a great voice but she doesn't even have to sing anymore. Nick definitely downgraded….Vanessa is only worth 4 mill and he's worth about 20 million. The way I see it Jessica is the winner!! She can' t be that dumb…what's your net worth??!! FYI-Jessica is still beautiful…you must be blind!!

      • Jamie

        The berries 'frown' upon your opinion because you sir, are a cock:)

      • Akbaby

        I agree. She is funny and beautiful! She is prego. Of course her body will change. She is on top. Nick is a leach.

      • mrshelderman

        I could not agree more. Jessica is out there making money, having babies and marrying hot football players. Nick is doing stupid reality shows for any chance at the spotlight.

  • Mel

    I miss skinny Jessica.

  • Jen

    she used to be smoking fucking hot and the all american girl.

  • buell

    They look so happy in these photos. Amazing how it all turned to shit so quickly.

  • Jessica

    I was just thinking about this show the other day! I loved it, I thought they were so cute together, and it was sad to watch how Jessica changed when she started doing Dukes of Hazzard and it seemed like the fame went to her head. I HATED her music but they were so innocent to watch…
    Remember the shows that followed? Travis Barker and his wife? Then wasn't it Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra? I think there was another one..and they all got divorced..

  • Sophie

    this seems like it was lightyears ago… almost like a myth…

  • Aurora01

    Not that Nick is a genius or anything, but Jessica was way too stupid for him.

    Also, does he ping anyone else's gaydar or is it just me?

  • Ari214

    OMG she used to be so hot!!! It absolutely sucks to be heavier than you were in your mid-twenties but she went from smoking hot to hot mess AND in front of the whole country. Yikes!

  • Betsy

    That's how I think and it bugs my boyfriend.

  • pea123

    They really were a hot couple!

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