• lovazayo

    #17 what a DORK

  • Maryssa

    Really #22?? Wtf was wrong w/ her before? Now she looks unhealthy in some pictures.

  • Adrien

    #17 and #21. Not really that fat in the before pic just out of shape.
    26 was impressive but she was really just a chubby child in the before pic.
    Congrats to all of them.

  • hannahabbe

    #22 You're kidding, right?

  • M&M

    #31 Threadless Tees FTW!!

  • Kelp

    #6, omg, she looks amazing!!!

  • Emily

    #3 you are crazy hot!! Damn😉

  • http://twitter.com/MissyWere @MissyWere

    Great job all of you! Congrats! Keep up the awesome work!!
    And #25 Holy Hawtness Batman!

  • ssoph

    some are really motivating… but some got over the top i think… im not into that muscles… but everyone has their own preferences
    #27 i think she looked really cute with her curves – but good for her for keeping up the work like all of them.

  • Alonzi

    Nice work everyone! #4 and #25 Call me…;)

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