• Jaime

    #4 is so frustrating!! My bag is comparable to a bottomless pit!

    • Akbaby

      Glad I don't carry a purse anymore! Lol.

  • We Are 2Fit2 Quit

    Hilarious, TY!

  • flybirdsfly

    #1, not my wife. #4 doesn't sound like quite enough.

  • deleted4823318

    #8 my son's goldfish will soon become a guinea pig *insert evil laugh here*


      Really?? A downgrade over a JOKE?? Come on Berries.

      • DumbHaters

        Ive discovered that most of these women have no sense of humor. They are catty bitches, or worse hypocrites. I found your post humorous. Too bad these tight asses didn't

        • oinker

          u dumbshit, why do u think the haters are women. sexist oinker u are. -yoda.

  • Seldi84

    #1. It takes me more like an hour and 37mins

  • Sherlock

    #8 sad

  • ScottishYankee

    true, but if they are lucky enough to live a long time, they can also change color as well
    I've had 2 gold fish that lived for over 2 yrs and they both turned white

  • Crush

    #1…..bullshit! takes me waaaaay longer then that.

    • Katie


  • Jenni

    #4 Don't you mean everyday?

  • Smartie

    #1 I wish I was an average person.

  • Mari

    #1 I am so not an average person; it generally takes me more than an hour, and never less than 30 minutes.

    • Fer Cyccone

      So there's something wrong with you, I don't wanna disrespect you, it's just that if it takes you more than half an hour, so or you don't go to sleep at the same time every day, or you go to bed even if not drowsy, you shouldn't do it, only lie down if you're ready to sleep, read, drink a hot beverage, eat a banana (all an hour before bed), it might help you.

  • katastrophe89

    I actually thought #2 was interesting lol

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