• Gia

    #4 is photoshopped. Don't you check??? That's shameful.

    • http://twitter.com/SavannahMacDo10 @SavannahMacDo10

      What makes you say it's photoshopped?

      • Gia

        Check the face, the safety belt (especially the neck) and the hairline (top).

    • Smartie

      Actually that is not photoshopped. I know it might look like it is but the safety belt goes naturally like that. Also lack of contrast in face and neck area makes it look like that.

      And I think I do know better, I work about 6 hours a day editing photos.

      Great job Mindy!!

      • Gia

        It IS photoshopped, and it a bad job, too.

        The safety belt melts with her face, maybe you should look closer.

        I know because it is my line of work and it is obvious to me, but I expected theBERRY to check first. I love Daily Motivation, but it makes me wonder when I see obvious fakes like this one.

        Anyway Mindy, good luck and don't give up.

        • krs10

          I have to agree the seat belt looks all jagged and not smooth. even if it was pressing into her neck it would look smooth not jagged. i think Smartie is the one who spent 6 hrs editing this photo.

        • Sara

          Stop being a hater. In what way would the seatbelt being photoshopped make her look thinner. YOU LOSE.

          • Pandora

            totally photoshopped… but keep up that attitude and lifestyle, and I'm sure your double chin will disappear.

            • Grump

              Def. photoshopped.. more time exercising less time failing at photoshop and you might need it less

          • Gia

            She put her face on another girl's body, but forgot to smooth the cut around the seat belt. Use your head.

    • Amy

      I'm pretty sure you guys are all just dicks and it's a shitty quality picture. Maybe berry should make some better attitude posts for you.

      • Gia

        Or we could reward the people who really try and not the ones who fake it for the attention.

  • Angie

    #5 yum! One of my favorite breakfasts

    • sidekickk

      i literally eat toast with pb and banana everyday and i haven't gotten tired of it yet!

  • katy

    #21 #25 great job!!

  • Emily

    #21 Hmm…yum!

  • Husker Fan!

    Best Daily Moto in a while… so many good quotes! Keeps me going.

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  • berry panda

    #16 completely agree…all my muscles are screaming today as I did something yesterday I could not (or would not) have done on Tuesday

  • socalmarti

    #17 TRX Medieval torture device😉. If you really want to see changes in your body I highly recommend one of these!

  • Shelby

    #25 has a weird belly button…

    • avidita

      What belly button? He looks amazing! Damn, man!

  • MarionPowder

    #3 is not accurate. It's this kind of garbage that makes women think they need to do hours of cardio if they don't want to "bulk up".

  • MissVega84

    #12 you go girl😀

  • http://www.afinninthekitchen.com Loretta

    Thanks for sharing my guacamole recipe! I want that fruit cup…

  • WallyBets

    #12 I would be slimming down so much quicker if I had the nerves to do this kinda activity at the gym instead of skulking in and sitting quietly on the machines. I do work out and the flab is melting away, but HUGE kudos to the lady here, she deserves to be just as fit as she wants. Keep it up- it isn't just muscle bods that are a motivation!

    • amy

      I am so grateful for this picture of a REAL woman and not one of those insanely fit, ripped, unrealistic modern society victims that probably do nothing else but run 24/7.

  • Akbaby

    #25. Yummy. CrossFit men are so so sex!

    • Akbaby

      Omg sexy. Lol not sex.

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