• Paige


    you're in my thoughts and prayers today❤ good luck to your mom. I've been through surgery myself and I know everything will be okay. She looks like a strong woman. Keep us posted!

  • Farouk

    #33 is my Mama and she is the strongest human being I know! You will be just fine Mama Gladys ;P! Sorry I cant be there with you but Im sending ALL my love, and all the puppies are doing great! Don't worry about a thing & SEE YOU SOON!

    Love ya!

    Rookie, Bunsy, Tomato Tom, & Pee Pants.
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    • anditisLiz

      Thoughts and prayers coming from me today, I see she has a great family and lots of love and support which is the best medicine! She will be great and I hope she kicks cancers ass :p

      • Ashley

        She just did! Yes! Thank you!!!!

        • anditisLiz

          Good to hear!!❤

  • Rachel

    #22 …wait, what?

  • melmcl

    #33 Wishes, prayers, whatever you wish! Fuck cancer and stay strong!

    • Farouk


  • tkk




    Keep Calm and Fuck Cancer! Here's to a speedy recovery:)

    • Ashley

      Hahaha!! Thank yooooouuu!!

  • kelliefagan

    #33 loads of berry love going your way! Hope the surgery went well and your mam is doing well! xxx

    • Ashley

      The surgery was successful!!!! Thank you so much!!

  • WallyBets

    Much love from the UK to you and yours, #33, wishing you a speedy recovery and the all important 'all clear' as soon as possible. xxx

  • Ashley


    Thank you all for the incredibly sweet comments! My mom was surprised at the support she has received. Her surgery went very well because of all of you. What an amazing little community we have here. I'll never forget it. Thank you all again.


  • SassyPants

    #33 GOOD LUCK!!! Thoughts and prayers with you and your family!! Hopefully when you get out you can have a great big piece of #35!! You're a champ and you have a lot of people pulling for you!!

  • Keira

    #33 Good luck!!

  • gamerchick26

    #8 congrats!! you look amazing..and you are soo cute!

  • Hepburn3

    I hope and pray that your operation and healing go wonderfully well! :)

  • ssoph

    #33 GOOD LUCK!

  • http://twitter.com/SarahSpiel @SarahSpiel

    um hey #10 can you come over here and do that?

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