• Angela

    can anyone tell me what brand that is in #5? I've see it a few times but I'm not familiar with that logo. Thanks:)

    • http://twitter.com/SavannahMacDo10 @SavannahMacDo10

      Lulu lemon:) it's expensive as hell haha

      • DrOfPsych

        *lululemon* it's all one word😉

        • Angela

          Thank you!

          • DrOfPsych

            Try their store online. Usually find better deals at their online site than in their stores. I love LuLu. Own a shitload of their stuff:)

          • Erin

            It's expensive, but the quality is totally there. I still wear my first pair of lulu pants that I bought like 6 years ago. They're worth the money to me.:)

    • Jacq

      I wish I could afford that stack of shorts! I just can't justify spending so much on clothes that I'm going to sweat like a pig in.

  • Not Me

    #9 Woah! Be careful on that dock. (Just finished my 6 miler. Thanks DM)

  • DumbHaters

    #22 what a joke! No muscle tone, just boney. Not to mention she isn't hitting the bag properly! Berry, if you are going to feature a picture of a woman boxing, make sure you use a legit picture!! You know–from an actual boxer, MMA fighter, etc. not some scrawny Victoria's Secret skinny-fat model

    • aaa

      yeah that was the really pathetic to look at

      • Jenny

        Bitter fatties.

        • DumbHaters

          <——-not fat. Not even close. Five foot ten, 17 percent body fat. I practice MMA and box.

          • JessieBelle

            Don't hate on skinny women either. It's just as bad as hating on overweight women. Please? =/

          • Jenny

            It's cute you point out your boxing and mma. Bet you have tattoos too. Low self esteem is an epidemic in America. Heard they are looking for a poster model. Better give your resume. Bet you reply with a threat too cause it'll make you feel better.

            • DumbHaters

              Irony at it's finest. Sounds like YOU are the bitter one Jenny. So nasty. Meeeeeooooow!

              • DumbHaters

                *its*. Excuse me. Too busy laughing at you to type properly

                • Jenny

                  Did daddy not love you enough?

    • katie

      soooo sick of people criticizing thinner girls on DM. obviously this is for a photoshoot, so she isn't using proper form. i find these pictures inspirational when they are mixed in with photos of "stronger" looking girls

      • DumbHaters

        "Stronger"? You mean athletic. And the model above isn't thin. She's BONEY. Huge difference

        • Ari214

          I understand that there's naturally thin girls and it must suck to be criticized for being so. But let's be realistic, this is a model. Everyone knows these girls are under tons of pressure to be sticks so it's safe to say a lot of them aren't naturally so.

    • DumbHaters

      You all are missing the point of my original post. I simply asked that the Berry post pictures that truly represent the point they are attempting to make. There are far more "inspirational" pictures for boxing, or hitting the bag, than some waifed-out supermodel.

      • HumbDaters

        The term "inspirational" is entirely subjective.

      • Erin

        I agree! I box too and if you're really hitting hard, you don't look pretty.:)

    • pearpassion

      thank you!!!! my thoughts exactly!!!!

  • judy


  • Claire

    There's a blizzard outside…no running for me today….:(

    • socalmarti

      Ok in this case it's safe to say you're definently not being a weenie!!! LOL!😉❤

    • Jackie

      #1 But in all seriousness, yeah, skip the outdoor running in a blizzard:)

    • Jenni

      Run around your house😉

  • advnturetime101

    I swear this site saves me sometimes! Wasn't feeling like working out because I'm exhausted but one scroll through this and I'm like "hell yeah"! My mom and I are on a health kick; so far I'm 11 pounds down!:)

  • ashley

    #11 i have this bra and they're super supportive if anyone was thinkin of getting one (i'm big chested, so trust me! lol)

  • JessieBelle

    Don't like skinny bashing either ladies…let's be kind, please. Remember, real beauty is within, anyway. ❤

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  • B05

    #24 Good job you look amazing!

  • Cassy

    #1 has never try to jog in temperatures -20 celsius and colder. It hurts to breathe!

  • Robin

    #14 I live for that Chili-Garlic sauce! I use it in everything, and my favourite breakfast is that sauce on toast with eggs❤ Yum!

  • Rachael

    Just did #21! Thanks for the motivation

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