More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (25 photos)

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  • silverfire

    #14 is Brilliant!!! I don't iron much, but I bet my boyfriend would love this!

  • bamboo

    #15 what happened to waldo? did they lose him?

    • Keith

      Right? Who is this Wally, and what did he do with Waldo?

      • PrettyPuppy

        So relieved I'm not the only person who had this thought… Was convinced I was going nuts and had forgotten my childhood.

    • sarlm

      in Australia, it's Wally

  • Seldi84

    #7 #8 #15. Are definitely needs.

  • Erin

    #3 I have this bra and it's great! I want to buy it in more colours.:)

    • Sue

      What's good about it? Just extra support or something?

      • Erin

        I think it's more the comfort of it that I like. I'm not sure it would be enough support for high impact stuff if you were really busty, but it's super comfortable and does the trick for me for running!

  • Lisa

    #13, sooooooo what's in the cup? That tea doesn't look right…..

    • Sue

      Yep, the tea lookes like poo.
      (Yes, I know that the tea leaves are roled into small balls, but stil.)

  • Sue

    #8 don't really get why that's so super? lol

    • Megan

      I don't get why a lot of these products are "so super." Usually these posts contain unusual items, but Good Humor ice cream? Maybelline lip balm? I think these companies are paying for spots on this site… That's what it seems like to me.

  • Cakes

    #10 Am I the only person that hates Baby Lips?

    • JustReading

      Nope you aren't.

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