• Lindsey

    I want to like #8 but his nipple is the same color as his sweater. So distracting!

    • silverfire

      lol didn't even notice. Too Funny!

    • http://alephsoleil.tumblr.com alephsoleil

      and… he's not shirtless!

    • Kmhogan82

      I totally noticed that. It was like a bullseye.

      • JessieBelle

        I think I can overlook the whole 'purple nipple' thing…because well, everything else is amazing:)

  • dollybakerton

    #8 #19 #22 YES YES YES

  • Castiel

    There were others after #12?:)

    • JustReading

      He's built like a truck though. He's huge and I find that kind of scary to be honest.

    • WallyBets

      Yeah, I pretty much for stuck on #12 too… But his trousers are extremely odd. I would forgive him though, what with his truck-build! He makes me feeł many things, but not scared…

  • geezlouise

    holy hell #8

  • Katie :)

    #7 and #16

    Hmmm yes and yes!!❤

  • Little Bit

    #27 is from my home town. He was on the UK X Factor and has an awesome voice and is a lovely guy
    #22 is the one for me tho, love a man with a good beard to stroke😉

  • CanadianChivette

    Are you kidding me!?! ME-OWWWW!

  • Jess;)

    16 and 12. LOVE the smirk on 16

  • SQ28

    There is ONLY #12

  • 12323

    None of these men will ever love you as much as they love themselves.

    • I'd take it

      I am ok with that

  • Ms.World

    #28 more:)

  • nicki

    ummmm…#12. MOAR, please …for the love of all that is masculine war-god-domination…MOAR!!!

    • jenny

      He is seriously the most beautiful man I've EVER seen. His name is Michael David Barre and sweet Jesus are his pics incredible.

      • WallyBets

        Don't you just love it when your stalking is made simpler my the provision of a name… Thank you!

  • furdurp

    #22 MOAR, please please

  • xoxo

    Is this The Berry or Grindr?

  • Carrie

    #22 wtf, really?

    • Curly85

      My thoughts exactly….



  • thepostcollegeblog

    #27… that made my week… AMAZING sleeve



  • Alyssa

    #5 … #9 … & #27 …. mmmm yes please ♥

  • socalmarti

    #8 Oh Dear God!!! Who is this!!! I must have MOAR!!! Find him!!!!

    • Nat

      Levi Jackson:) He's so beautiful.

  • alykay

    #8 you have a lovely main of pubic hair

  • Novalee531

    #27 Can he please be waiting for me when I get home?

  • heatharrgh

    Oh, #12. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… or I'll just do whatever you tell me to do.

  • heatharrgh

    PS – I think our comments prove that we are a bunch of randy bitches that need to get laid.

    • WallyBets

      Hahhahaaa, I totally agree! I love the comments on these posts! Hungry, carnivorous women on the rampage!

  • baylee

    i think i stopped and scrolled back to #22 about 10 times. sweet jesus he is gorgeous!

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